Thursday, August 21, 2014

Back to School and Home School Curriculum Choices

Back to School! 

Minnie started Kindergarten this week and is really enjoying it!  Mickey will be educated at home for third grade and is also dual-enrolled at our local elementary for Music and Art. 
Kindergarten Teacher

 Polka dot painted toenails for her first day! 

I often get asked about my curriculum choices so I decided to post it this year.  I use an eclectic variety of curriculum.  This year I am using heavy parent involvement curriculum since it is just Mickey and I  at home this year.  Twas impossible last year with our little baby, so he used online learning ( 

Science:  Exploring Creation with Astronomy by Jeannie Fulbright (Young Explorers Series)  One hour, twice a week.  30 lessons.

Social Studies: Easy Peasy Third Grade Geography  20 min per day (online curriculum)
        Heritage Studies 3 BJU press. (one chapter a week)
        Adventures in Other Lands-Abeka (once a week)

Math: Math Lessons for a Living Education Book 3.  Queen Homeschooling Supplies (see affiliate link on sidebar)  Charlotte Mason style education materials.  Daily.  30 min per day
    Guinness World Records Math. Daily 10 min.  
    Ipad Math 10 min

Language Arts: Main Curriculum--Building Christian English Series by Rod and Staff (English 3) (30 min per day)
        Guinness World Records Reading Daily 10 min (supplement)
        How to Write a Story Evan Moor (supplement)
        Daily 6 Trait Writing grade 3 (supplement)
Vocabulary--Words of the Week Volume 1 Daily by Sandi Queen (supplement)
Reading: Abeka Book level 4 and Little House on the Prairie Series
Kindle Math games 10 min

Foreign Language: Rosetta Stone- daily 15 min

Bible: Draw to Learn Proverbs  Ray and Charlene Notgrass  25 min per day.  
Typing:  Ipad (icolor type) and Typing Instructor (cd rom)


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