Monday, December 10, 2012

Online Homeschool Curriculum Review

I had received an email asking if I would like to preview an online homeschool curriculum for free for one month in exchange for an honest review on my blog.  Well, I like free, and I like honest, so I took the bait and delved in.

I loved it!  The kids loved it!  It was a blast!  Mickey tried out the first grade curriculum and Minnie tried out the preschool curriculum.  Let's just say that I was wishing I had two computers as they both would beg to do their "schooling"!  So guess what?  I figured out that it was even EASIER on the Kindle Fire with a touch screen! Now both kids can learn at the same time!!!

I had thought that online schooling would erase "mom" from the equation. Turns out,  Mouseymom LOVED cuddling up to her kids with a steamy cup of coffee as we learned together! Every lesson is like a game, with a goal.  The Mousekins were very entertained with the graphics.  The great thing is that learning took place within all the fun.. making learning a blast. That is a goal of mine--to instill the love of learning within my children.  I feel that doing this curriculum freed me up to have more time to read out loud to my mousekins, play games, and spiritual teaching.  So would I recommend  A resounding yes!

Pricing?  There is a low monthly fee (prices vary) but very reasonable.  For those wanting to try it out, you Time4Learning does give an initial two week money back guarantee..

This review is written by me, Mouseymom.  I was given compensation in the form of one free month trial of  The views expressed in this review are my honest opinion!

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