Monday, November 5, 2012


This morning the both kiddos woke up super early to see their daddy off to work.  Minnie was so dazed and not quite awake.  She was sitting on my lap in a chair wrapped in her favorite blanket. When Hubby left for work, I said to her, "Want to go snuggle back in my bed?"

She eyed me suspiciously and said in a slow uncertain voice, "Who is Buck?"

It took me a second to realize that she thought I had asked, "Want to go snuggle Buck in my bed?"

I assured her there was no one named Buck in my bedroom, but she was still a little nervous to go back there with me!

I have been so amused all morning by this!


Kristi said...

maybe you ought to get her a little reindeer named "Buck" for Christmas... just to be sure ther eis no confusion from here on out. ;)

smw said...


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