Friday, August 24, 2012


This is Minnie and her friend Zack!  They are friends by default. Their older brothers are really good friends, so Minnie and Zack end up spending lots of time together.  They love to play house and generally have a good marriage.

I think everytime they are together.. they end up in dinosaur costumes.  It has become a ritual.

This time when they came up to show off their costumes to their mamas, we got a good laugh!  Minnie had placed a royal PINK crown atop her fierce dinosaur head (albeit a bit lopsided by the time I grabbed my camera). And this is SOOO Minnie--she likes to be rough and tumble with a bit of glam! 

Also--this dinosaur costume that Minnie is wearing is for a 12 month old.  That never stops her or Zack from squeeeeeazing into it!

I was hoping  you wouldn't notice, but I would be amiss to not mention the unfortunate baby doll tethered and hanging  upside-down precariously.
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