Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Worth The Sunburn!

Having a Lemonade stand has been the Mousekins' dream for many months!  Today that dream came to fruition.  We have been waiting for my two nieces from Illinois and Michigan to be a part of this, and today was the day!

Making the sign with Mickey was delightful! He loves art so this was right up his alley!  He loves being creative.  If you look close you can see that he turned the "e" into a lemon!  clever, eh?

We made delicious lemonade- no powdered stuff from our stand--uh-uh!
Lemon Juice
Garnished with Lemon slices and Fresh Picked Mint.

Our WONDERFUL friends, neighbors, relatives and passerbys were so supportive and made it so fun!  The lemonade was free but we were taking donations for Lifesong for Orphans.  Our money jar filled up quickly.

Mickey was so excited that his buddy came over!  They sat beside eachother in Kindergarten and became fast friends!  They were ecstatic to learn that they lived within walking distance!  Note Mickeys lemon shirt that he decorated for the occasion! 

It was a great learning experience.  I have a lot more teaching to do about enthusiasm in selling!  We had many wasted cups of lemonade as Minnie liked sipping out of the cups as she walked them to the patron.    Counting the money was super fun and Mickey realized that he had $15 more in his bike basket as one customer came after we had taken in the money jar.  We ended up with $149.  We went to Lifesong for Orphans website and we found that we were able to sponsor an Ethiopian boy named Abraham to provide schooling, two meals/day, and the opportunity to learn about Hope in Christ! With the money from a few hours at a Lemonade Stand--we are able to sponsor Abraham for EIGHT months! 

Minnie picked out Abraham as his picture looked so sad.  "I want to give him a reason to smile!" 

The mousekins had not been that generous all along.  As the money jar started filling up they asked, "Do we have to give all the money to orphans?  Can't we keep some for ourselves?"  But after we looked through many pictures of orphans and learned a little about their lives.... the Mousekins were eager to pour all of our money into the orphans and wished we had more to give!  Now that is the best learning experience of all! 

Silly me forgot to wear sunscreen and now I have a very awkward Farmer's Tan, and my skin is uncomfortable.  It is so worth it!  My prayer is that all these little moments of instilling missional living in our children will result in lives lived out compassionately for the Glory of God!
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