Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Day Brightener!

Three year olds are endless entertainment!  Bright and early this morning, before my cup of coffee was even poured, I heard Minnie exclaim, "Hey! My bottom just burped!"   :)

And last night, Minnie offered to run and get a Kleenex for Mickey who was in great need of one.  Just as she was about to hand it to him, she said, "I got one for you, but first I need to pick my nose with it."  She stuck the Kleenex up her nose, drilled out some gold and sweetly handed the soiled Kleenex to her brother, "Here you go, here is your Kleenex that I got for you!"  Older brother Mickey was not so grateful.  

The deeper into the three's we go, Minnie's little storms are lessening and her joyfulness abounds.  Hip Hip Hooray! I am cherishing my days with her as we have quite a good time!  Oh, and one last story to amuse you...

I host Bible Study at my house on Mondays and my Mousekins LOVE to greet the ladies at the door. 

 My friend Alicia was the first to show up and Minnie cheerfully welcomed her in.  Alicia responded with, "Oh look how cute you are in your jammies with your little belly popping out!" (surely I am not the only mom who lets her kids wear way-too- small jammies that are practically half shirts). 

 Minnie looked down at her tummy and proclaimed, "Oh yes, and my boobies are growing too! Look!"  And she whipped up her pajama shirt to prove it to the very stunned house guest! 

Yes, full of entertainment is the life of living with a three year old!  

Little Minnie's hair is slowly growing back after all of it fell out last summer.  It has been a slow process and it is hard to tell if it will ever really grow out as the perimeter has not grown one bit.  People are always curious if I cut her hair so short and why! 

 It is sometimes tricky to answer people without making Minnie feel self-conscious... which she is JUST starting to. " I want to have long hair like Lauren and Hema"--which both have loads and loads of thick lustrous hair!  It has led to good discussions about how God made us and how she is very beautiful long or short hair and that the Bible says that true beauty come from the heart.... a lesson her mama needed a refresher course on as well!  

A few hours after this post was written, she just cracked me up again so I decided to add it to the post!  Minnie picked up my Mint Chapstick and announced, "the color is Booger Green!"  Hmm, I wonder if the cosmetic company would like that suggestion!


smw said...

what a funny child. :)

i wonder where she gets her spunk?!

Anonymous said...

Too CUTE!!! fast fwd 10-15 yrs and I can hardly "wait" to hear her reaction!! :)LuannE

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