Friday, January 20, 2012

I Dread...

I dread the day that I fall off of  Mickey's pedestal.

 It will be a hard fall.

 I know it is coming.. which sometimes steals the joy of basking in his adoration.

He has no idea that I am not at my ideal weight.

He has no idea that I have glaring character flaws.

He only knows that I am his mother and he feels infinitely loved by me.

When I was heading out on a date with hubby a few months back, Mickey stopped in his tracks and gazed at me with admiration, "MOM!  You are the most beautiful lady wherever you go!  I have tucked those sweet words in the pocket of my heart!

This morning as I was preparing breakfast for the Mousekins and singing-- (it's a family trait--we randomly break out into song--drives Hubby crazy)  Mickey broke in, "OH MOM, You MUST go on American IDOL!  You have the most beautiful voice!"

Others see me as an ordinary housewife/mom in a small midwestern town, but in the eyes of my six year old son, I am a Rock Star Beauty Queen!

And while I am on this pedestal, I know this is my optimal time to have my actions, my words, and my thoughts point to Jesus so that when I take my rightful place in Mickey's heart, he will realize that it was Jesus on the Pedestal all along!


arlan and katie said...

Ah Tricia...I love hearing your heart; thanks for sharing!


Rochelle said...

I love this! So true, so heartfelt. Thanks for sharing!

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