Friday, December 30, 2011

Christmas Letter 2011

We are in a beautiful time of life.  Our blessings are overflowing and we wish we could make time stand still!  We cherish these moments that our children are loving to be around us and love to snuggle in our arms to read books!

For those of you visiting our blog for the first time, welcome!  We don't use our real names on our blog for security reasons. If you get confused, refer to the picture at the top of the blog for a name reference guide :)

Here is our official Christmas Picture!  

We have been celebrating for ONE WHOLE year now that Mickey's milk allergy is non-existent!  Wow, what a huge change this has been for our family!  Eating in restaurants, and going out for ice-cream is still a novelty for us and we give thanks to God for healing Mickey and allowing us to experience such joys!  He is still  allergic to bananas and sensitive to latex products but those allergies do not inhibit our lives much and we are SO GRATEFUL! 

Mickey started Kindergarten in the fall and loves it!  It took his mama longer to adjust than it took him.  Minnie (age 3) gleefully started preschool two afternoons a week.  This leaves Mouseymom (me) with six  hours a week to myself.  I get asked often what occupies those precious 6 hours and I am not always sure.   Sometimes I sit down with a cup of tea, sometimes I rush out to do some errands or clean the house without interruptions, sometimes I disappear in to my Frills and Flowers room happily creating, and sometimes I set my timer and enjoy an afternoon siesta!  

Hubby is enjoying his job at Foam Fabricators. He loved attending  Father Daughter Dances with Minnie and spends many hours lego-building with Mickey  He also had the opportunity to visit  Bangladesh in December with my father.  

The community pool was our home for the summer and it was a sad day when it closed for the season.  Both of the kiddos love to swim.  Minnie is part-mermaid and liked to show off by diving off of the high dive.  Minnie won a bike through the library summer program and now the whole family can ride around our little town together.  The autumn provided us with lots of hiking days.  One of our favorite new hiking spots is Wild  Cat Den State Park just outside of Muscatine.  

We said goodbye to my wonderful Grandpa Joe just before Thanksgiving.  He was an inspiration of love and compassion to us and we hope to continue his legacy.  We know that because he placed his faith in Jesus , he is whole and alive with Jesus in heaven and that our goodbye is only temporary. 

We give thanks that we have such wonderful blessings of clean water to drink, food to sustain us, shelter over our heads, the love of family and friends and a God who is the Rock through all of the ups and downs.  

Celebrating the birth of our Savior has been an incredible blessing this Christmas season as our children grow in their understanding of the plan of salvation for all.  

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!  


Rochelle said...

Sweet post, Tricia! I look forward to reading more in 2012! :)

psalm127mom said...

I absolutely love your last line {no, not the Merry Christmas, though I loved that too!}, but where you said, " we continue to help them understand the plan of salvation for us all..." LOVED that.

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