Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Well THAT Explains It!

Minnie at age three and a half has hit new heights of wretchedness.  The kind that at the end of the day, Hubby and I collapse on the couch with blank stares in our eyes, stripped of all energy...hoping to find a netflix show to numb our minds.

Now it is not all bad. Minnie has many hours a day where she is pure joy:
announcing her deep deep love and thankfulness for us,
slathering us with kisses and hugs and nestled up in our arms reading books.

She melodiously makes up songs of praise to her great and wonderful Savior Jesus Christ and prays with a fervent heart, with hands raised in the air.  (If she did not look so much like me, I would think we had a hospital mix-up with a Pentecostal baby)

And then there is the......other side.

The dark side of Minnie.

Where tantrums are paramount and no reasoning can be applied.

She destroys all in her path.. especially her big brother Mickey takes quite a beating from this tiny but mighty storm.

The storm leaves us all listless and drained.

Tonight we had a BIG STORM.  A tsunami.  So this is all very fresh as I write.

I was doing laundry and was listening to Hubby talk to Minnie after the storm had settled.

Hubby:  "Minnie, It is important that you obey your mommy and daddy.  It is not okay to hurt your brother.  It is not okay to throw a big fit when you are angry.  Jesus is in your heart and He can help you to choose rightly."  

Minnie:  (matter of factly) Jesus flew out my ear.  

I was glad that I was out of sight and did not have suppress a smile!  That is quite the explanation for the reason behind her volatile behavior!

And in the morning she will pad out to the kitchen with wild bed head and her darling footed pink fuzzy pajamas and hug me.  And a fresh day will begin.  How someone so absolutely adorable can be so vicious is mind-boggling.  Yet every day I thank God  that I get to be part of these complex, amazing and beautiful children's lives.  My heart never ceases to adore them and I count them as my most precious blessings.


smw said...

so funny. :)

Rochelle said...

Oh my!! Laughing, yet comforted to know that those appalling words are used on other parents! :)

Jeanie Cullip said...

I am so glad you found the reason! thank you so much for the much needed giggle today as I try to deal with my 2 1/2 yr old who might have had the same thing happen to her! lol

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