Friday, October 7, 2011

This Is A Test!

What is the major difference between these two pictures?

If you chose Hair color, then you are correct.

Let's just say that Hubby is in a bit of hot water as he noticed not ONE change!

My roots were getting dark and it was time to transition to my fall hair color. Its the time of year where I give my hair a rest from bleach.  I do a gentle semi-permanent color that gets rid of the blond and slowly fades away so that regrowth is not a problem.  

So about an hour before Awanas started on Wednesday night, I threw some color in my hair (went from a level 10 to a level 5--in cosmetology terms) 

I had a friend in town, so the three of us (friend, hubby and I) went up to the local restaurant together, then we came home and sat around in the living room solving the worlds problems :)  In other words, we had lots of face time.  

HOURS later, I suddenly realized that Hubby had not noted my fairly drastic hair color change, but assumed that he had just noticed and not commented.  

"Hey Hubby, notice anything different about my hair?"  

He looks at me as if he is seeing me for the first time that night and a shocked expression filled his face

"HOLY COW!!! When did that happen!?"

I laughed so hard as his expression was priceless. 

After all, this was not a subtle change.  And hubby is usually very observant of all thing.  

The next day I found myself being less amused and more disturbed.  

Hubby felt really bad, and he still cannot figure out how he missed the fact that his wife had a COMPLETELY different hair color!  

So just to throw him off, I found this awesome wig a few hours ago at Jo Ann Fabrics for a few bucks and I will be wearing it when he comes home tonight.  (yes, I know.. I have a total ornery streak!)

I hope he notices!!!!

Update 10/8/2011

Well I guess it runs in the family~ I was just talking to Solomon a few minutes ago and he exclaimed, "Hey Mom, your hair is darker!" Curiously I asked him, " When did you first notice?"
 His reply? 
"Just right now!"
Note: I colored my hair on Wednesday, and just now on Saturday afternoon is when this conversation took place. sigh :)

Like Father, like Son.

But I have no  complaints as aside from noticing signifigant hair color changes, they are both so loving and attentive and I am blessed to have such wonderful males in my life!  

Oh, and yes, Hubby DID notice the long blonde wig and was very amused! 


Anonymous said...

Oh Trish this is hilarious! I love the blond wig.


Dani said...

Perhaps if you put a flower in your hair he will notice!!!

Kristi said...

so. rewind to two years ago.

my hair had been chopped (my hubby likes it long, I found out) and I was itching to change my plain jane blond/brown hair.

After work, a friend of mine gave me a little, and I mean VERY little trim... and then turned me into a brunette. A dark brunette. I loved it.

I got home and my darling husband says, "you cut your hair? I thought you were growing it out!"


and then, when I clued him in to the other change on my head, I learned he likes blond better.

my hair is now longer than its ever been, I think. And blond.


smw said...

that wig is positively LOVELY!!! he may want the new look to stay! :)

so funny that he didn't notice the change.

Jeanie Cullip said...

My husband normally does not notice these things either.. I hope he notices the wig this evening when he gets home..

I once told my husband that I was going to get my haircut.. left and received 4 inches off.. it was a dramatic change for me as my hair was no longer below my shoulders. i returned home waving my short hair around and he said.. I thought you were going to get your haircut! I love him anyways...

a latte of blessings & giggles,

T and M said...

that wig cracks me up. nice bangs! ha!

Aunt Christy said...

Thanks for taking the time to let us know the results of the "test"! I'm sure glad he noticed, or you may have bonked him over the head with it.

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