Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Pride comes Before a Fall!

So true. Just a FEW days ago I had a jubilant thought cross my mind, "Wow, I can't remember the last time I had a big huge zit!"  Then I started trying to figure out why it had been months since Mt. Teton had graced my face!

Was it the fish oil supplements?

Perhaps the Chia seed?

The sunshine?

The chlorine from the pool?

and then it began... slowly, just a small, tender to the touch area right below my lip (the favorite breeding ground for my zits)  (hmm, perhaps I drool)

and then The Zit continued to progress.

And even though I went to Cosmetology School and we learned all about how you should leave a zit ALONE, and NEVER EVER ATTEMPT TO POP A ZIT!  I instead fuss with it 24/7.  Of course that makes it worse, which is why we learned what we did in school.

But seriously.... isn't it SO satisfying to have a zit that pops the HUGE POP and then it immediately vanishes?

And isn't it so frustrating when you just cannot get the zit to pop and it turns into weepy, red, inflamed mess on your face?  Does this happen only to me or do I have some sympathizers out there?

And to top off the fact that I have an irritating oozing zit on my face, I have a sun spot (darkened skin tone from sun exposure).  Well this is not just any ordinary sun spot on some random side of the face.  NO! that would be to simple!

My skin discoloration happens JUST above my top lip

In the shape of a mustache.

It looks like I perpetually have a chocolate milk mustache.  or worse.

I heavily smear it with concealer, so that no one mistakes me for Tom Selleck.  But the concealer is not that effective.

The good news--  The gross zit detracts attention from my 'stache!  The even better news-- as my tan fades, so shall my chocolate milk mustache--happens every year!

You were hoping I would post a picture of myself and my face woes.  HA!  Never! And even if a photograph were snapped of me at this time~ I would in a matter of seconds whisk the blemishes from my face with the handy dandy photo editing tools!

But who cares about zits and unsavory mustaches...there are bigger issues ( and I don't mean bigger zits).  Somalia is in big time need of our prayer and resources!

 "God get us out of our little bubbles and prick our hearts to seek to show love to the starving and desperate Somalians"

  It could be us, but for the grace of God, and someday it may be us... may we respond the way we would want others to respond if it was our children dying in front of us!

I realize that it appear totally random to write about zits and starvation in one blog post. The sad thing is that we uber-blessed Americans can sometimes be more affected by our blemishes, than the fact that there is intense desperation and starvation.  Let's change that!  Be motivated to LOVE, and give sacrificially.  Seriously, even if you can only give $5.  That goes a long way.  And if you pass this info on and all those people give $5....  well you get the picture.  We can't just shake our heads and think "Well that's too bad"...Be part of the solution!
Click HERE for  a recent CNN article about the Somalia

Click HERE for a list of organizations that you can give to.  My personal vote goes to World Vision, or Samaritan's Purse.


T and M said...

what, no pic?! in all seriousness, why is somalia in need of prayers?

arlan and katie said...

Oh, Tricia...you crack me up!
Why am I not surprised you did a post on zits & Somalia all in one?!

Gotta love you girl :)

Janice said...

Oh My!!!! If I wasn't trying to keep quiet to not wake any kids up I would very much be laughing very loudly at THE ZIT and 'stache. I can relate as well, to both (at least I hope I am not growing facial hair) :)
The last part is so very very sad :(

Janelle said...

LOL! I know how you feel...one morning last week, I woke up to a huge zit under my nose. It was large and white. I thought, "It looks like a buger." So I put some concealer on it and thought it looked a little less noticable. When Haley woke up that morning, she walked over to me, stared at me a little and said, "Mom, you have a big buger on your face!" I knew then that it was time to pop it! I'd rather have a big red popped zit than a white zit that everyone was wondering if it was really a buger or not!! :)

Kim Plattner said...

You had me cracking up. I could just hear you telling the story. :) Miss you! Thanks for the reminder to pray for Somalia.

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