Monday, August 29, 2011

My Mickey Day!

In the blink of an eye, summer was over and school was about to begin.

I panicked!

My days of having Mickey around were coming to an abrupt end.

He was about to start Kindergarten.

Regrets started pouring in..
"why didn't I play Legos with him more"
" Why do I get so impatient with him"
"Why have I not focused on more one on one time?"

But wait! All these feelings seem dimly familiar...

Ah yes...

These are the same thoughts I was having when Mickey was nearly three and I was about to pop out baby number two.... I knew my days alone with him were numbered and I grieved that a bit.

A few weeks before baby number two was born, I took Mickey to the local outdoor water park for a fun-filled day with his Mommy.  I will never forget that.  It's forever marked in my traumatized mind. YOU try being 20months pregnant and try getting out an inner tube after floating around the lazy river???  Poor Mickey was stranded, yelling for his mommy as I got caught in the current, unable to hoist myself out of the small plastic doughnut.  I had to be rescued by a stranger to be reunited with my child.  It was mortifying and actually kind of scary!

Anyway, aside from the inner tube incident, it was a really special time that enabled be to feel more prepared for the next season of our family.

Since our family was undergoing another major change, I wanted to set aside another special day for Mickey and I!  Thanks to my wonderful mother for keeping Minnie for the day, Mickey and I set out for a day long adventure!

First we went out to eat and enjoyed uninterrupted conversation and shared dessert. It was so cold in the restaurant that we snuggled together the whole time!

Then we played laser tag.  Yes, I am pretty much the coolest mom in my son's eyes!  It was SO fun!  
And then we hit the waterpark!  This time it was WAY more fun!  Zooming Water Slides, Swim Races and yes a few rounds of the Lazy River--with NO drama!

It was a super day that I have locked deep into my heart!  Just spending time with my little guy was precious. I love his personality and his deep thoughts.  He adores me and I am drinking it up!

A few days later we went to a "Meet the Teacher" night at his school!  Here is a picture of Mickey and Mrs. H!
Apparently Mrs. H made quite an impression on my Mickey because the next day he said to me, "Mommy, I thought you were the sweetest girl in the whole world, but I think Mrs. H MIGHT be sweeter than you, but don't worry mommy, she will only be my teacher for one year, and then you will go back to being the sweetest girl in my life!"

What a lovebug!

Stay Tuned... First Day of School Pictures coming soon!

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Wee said...

I cannot believe he is that old already! Leah started Kindergarten this year, too! They grow up so fast! I love your one-on-one day!

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