Friday, August 19, 2011

Apparently Smiling Would Have Killed Them!

Last night we were headed out and I realized we had hit a combination of three key things:

1.  we were all looking presentable
2.  we were not headed out in a hurry
3.  it was not horribly hot outside

Put those three things together and its a darn near miracle in our family.  So I grabbed my tripod and yelled for the troops. Honestly I thought Hubby would shut down "Operation Lets Get a Quick Family Picture Taken" when he saw my camera and tripod set up in the backyard. But much to my delight, not one grumble!

I knew I had less than three minutes to accomplish this project or... well I don't have to explain "or" as you probably have a husband and kids or know someone who does.

Three minutes later we have an up-to-date family photo!

And that- my friends- is the new picture at the top of my blog.

I did not say it was a great photo..
It's just...
a CURRENT photo...
of everyone in my family--
with nary a finger in the nose!

Look at the Mousekins in the picture--(yes, go ahead and scroll up to the top of the blog)

Do they look like children who have a loving and supportive family?  NO!  They look like they have the world on their shoulders.   Mickey and Minnie's sullen expressions look like they should be on the cover of a pamphlet that reads, "Unloved Orphans Need Your Help!

Please don't send us money or food.  It would be embarrassing. 

So I just wanted to clarify to anyone out there that our children are indeed loved, fed and cuddled in case you were wondering after seeing the updated picture on my blog!

And honestly..this is a step up from a photos shoot from last year.  Do any of you remember This! ?


Anonymous said...

Oh those poor kids. We all know the truth tricia and its ok. They can come live with me I will feed them, and hug them and love them :)

smw said...

you are so funny. and i forgot about those funny ones from last time. no one could say you don't have kids with personality!

Kristi said...

bwaaaa haaa haaa! I thought the same thing... "those kiddos could be on an advertisement for orphans." :)
Maybe this is the start of a modeling career?

Rochelle said...

adorable & hilarious! sounds like something that would happen at our house!

Aunt Christy said...

Okay so maybe this one isn't great, but after glancing back at last year's attempt :) Yep this ones pretty good.

Anonymous said...

My first thought was you only gave the ages of the kiddos!! ;)Luann E

stackfamily said...

Such a cute picture!! We have the hardest time with getting a family picture too...even though I am always taking pictures it seems to never happen!!

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