Thursday, July 7, 2011

Showing Off!

The favorite time of swimming lessons was jumping off the diving board!
Mickey and Minnie would look at me to make sure my attention and camera was locked into their stunts.

I love this picture as her confidence shines through. She loves the water and prefers to be UNDER water as much a possible, head and all!  She is a little fish and perhaps part mermaid :)

The swim cap has been such a life-saver as both of the Mousekins have my fair, quick to burn skin and since Minnie has lost most of her hair~ (I blogged about this here, but it has gotten way worse since I did that blogpost.) basically there are a few strands left, and about 1/8 inch of new hair growth--and very thin, leaving her scalp very vulnerable to the sun.  So fabulous friend Danielle who recently finished a triathlon gave me this cap and it works like a charm!  

Minnie working the back float!

I love this picture! It totally looks like Mickey is ice-skating on the pool! 

Oh how I felt sorry for the sweet teen lifeguards who had the privilege of teaching my children swimming lessons. My mighty-willed Mousekins had their own agenda at all times and I think wore those sweet gals out!

While I was sipping my Diet Coke watching  the swimming lessons and feeling aggravated that my Mousekins were not being better listeners, the thought crossed my mind....."Hmm, I am taking Mickey to Safety Town  and Nature Camp this summer and my friend in South Carolina sent her kiddos to a Manners Camp, SOMEONE should offer an OBEDIENCE CAMP!"

You know, just to re-affirm the teaching they are getting at home in a fun campy sort of environment!!

You think I am kidding.

I am not.

Yes, I am aware that it is like Obedience School for dogs.

I am okay with that.

 In fact I think the dogs and the kids would have so much fun if they mingle them together.

Just saying.


sarah said...

Way to funny!

T and M said...

i like the obedience camp idea ( : This sounds a bit overwhelming, but maybe i'll have an "obedience camp" day at home soon. an excuse to bring out the Thomas the train tent!

Ellen @ The Hairbow Chronicles said...

My girls LOOOOOVE to swim as well! It's such a great thing to do in the summer when it's 2000 degrees outside! ha! Also, your bows are fab! I have some outfits being made for our trip to Disney in October, so maybe I can get some bows to match??! Very cool! (And, loved your encouraging story about being The New Girl. I've had both good experiences AND bad. It's great when people take the time to make you feel welcome and get to know you!!)

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