Saturday, July 23, 2011

Pink Pirate Party!

Guess who just had a Birthday?  Oh my little Minnie!  As delicate as a sweet princess and tough as a pirate!!

She can take her big brother in a wrestling match--which has earned her much respect with him;

 she can pour out tears on command and demand that everyone notice her poor tears;

she has the confidence to commandeer her own pirate ship;

 and she adores all things pink (and really likes purple as a close second)!

What a girl!

Minnie started many months ago planning out her  "Pink Pirate Party" with her grandma.  My mom hosted the party and I made the cake and Minnie's Pirate shirt.  A pretty good deal for me!  My mom is the ultimate party thrower!  She loves coordinating the tablecloth and the napkins and all things like that and incorporates so much from the theme!

Not me so much--which is why Minnie turns to my mother to host her birthday parties.


The cake-- lemon cake ribboned with cherry jello.  I used the edible frosting sheets off of Ebay! So easy and makes for cute cakes!  Pirate Minnie and some of her fellow mates!  (cousins)

Birthday Girl Minnie and her Grandma and Grandpa--the hosts of the Pink Pirate Party!

Big Brother Mickey is beyond excited that his little sister likes pirate-fighting. He thinks she is the coolest girl! In fact he wants to marry her.

 A lovely family picture!  Look at the adorable eye patch my mom made for Minnie!!

It was super special as my sister and her family were able to be at the party as they were in town for just a bit!

Do you see a faint family resemblance?

Minnie got a Princess Fishing Pole from my parents, her dream gift!

My super hot swashbuckling Pirate!
We had a blast and Minnie was at the height of her glory!Everyone got in the theme!  It's so awesome to have family that goes the extra mile to make a little girl feel so special!!  
  The next morning she jumped into my bed, sat on top of me and said in her chirpy little voice, "OTAY! WETTS HAVE  PUH-POH PIWATT PARTY! TODAY!
Translation:  Okay! Let's have a Purple Pirate Party... TODAY!  She was ready to do it all again   the next day.. but in Purple...her second favorite color!! 

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Kirk and Keri Plattner said...

She is such a doll..i've never known sweet little girls could be so interested in pirates!! We're getting a kick out of your family pics!

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