Tuesday, July 26, 2011

The Meek and Mild Mother

A few months back I attended a Silent Auction Fundraiser for a friend of mine who is battling health issues.  I put my bid in on a Pampered Chef Item and won!

I came back home with my "prize" in my hand and proclaimed, "Look at what I won at the Silent Auction!"

Mickey(age 5) studied me thoughtfully for a moment and then asked incredulously, "Really Mom, you were the quietest one there??"

Hubby had to muffle his amusement.

Clearly Hubby and Mickey had a hard time believing that I could ever win a prize for being silent.

Haruumph.  What? I am not a Meek and Mild Mother???

Neither Hubby or I could ever be described as meek or mild--and sadly our children have no sign of those traits either.

My sweet cousin Ashley said to me, "At least you don't have boring children!"

And that is true, never EVER a dull moment around here!

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