Sunday, July 31, 2011

From Shaggy to Short.. and Other Random Musings...

I have always kept Mickey's hair a bit tousled.   It has always been so low maintenance, it rarely ever needs combed. So why fix something that "ain't" broken?

Well, I was feeling bad for Minnie since her hair had fallen out and her new growth was less than an 1/8th of an inch and it seemed unfair that her brother should have longer hair....

So in my spur-of-the-moment ways-- I sheared the golden locks off  my Mickey.  

"Hey Mickey, feel your head"!

Mickey suddenly looked older and I immediately regretted my hasty ways.

 A few days later I asked him how he was liking his shorter hair.  He had not previously expressed any opinion at all, so I figured he was ambivalent.

Mickey ever-so-sweetly reported, " I don't really like it mom.  I don't look like Mickey!"


Mickey starts school three weeks from today!

My stomach just flip-flopped!  The reason this is so much on my heart tonight as tomorrow morning we start practicing our morning routine for school.

You may think this is a bit overkill to start three weeks before school starts.  I hope you are right. It's just that my kids take after me... NIGHT OWLS!  I cannot think of one blogpost that I have written before midnight.

It is a genetic issue.

My mother passed it down to me.

And apparently I pitter-pattered all through the night when I was a wee one.

And in college, it was not unusual to find me chatting on the phone to my friend Amy at 3am.

And when I became a nanny in Chicago, my employers lovingly described me as part-vampire due to my love of staying up late.

Hubby says I was created to work third shift.

So it does not really matter what time my kids get up, or how little sleep they got the night before, or if they have been swimming ALL day.. my kids never collapse into bed early.  They get a second wind when most kids drift off to sleep.

So naturally they like to sleep in!

And so do I!
Thus our mornings are very relaxed and laid back.  Getting out the door is not one our strong points.

So of course we need to get him in the groove of a speedy morning routine.   Is it wrong to give a 6 yr. old coffee?  (JUST KIDDING)

So ANYWAY...Tomorrow begins our practice for our morning routine for school.. which makes it all seem so real now!

 And  I have such mixed feelings!

Part of me wants to cry my eyes out and grieve the loss of this precious stage of having him at my side all day!

Part of me is rejoicing that I won't have to break up so many sibling wars and quarrels!

Part of me is so proud of the amazing boy he has become and can't wait for him to shine in the next stage of life!

Part of me is downright terrified that I will stalk and stomp on the first kid who dares to make fun of my sweet Mickey.

Part of me is so excited for him as he LOVES learning and I *think* he will thrive in an educational environment!

Part of me feels so insecure, filled with regrets and "wish I would haves"

He may be growing up super fast, but he is still my little darling... proof to follow:

This past weekend, we were at a  over-night family reunion at a very cool camp (hold on here, let me go insert a picture or two so I can have this in my blog book)

   This is Hubby's immediate family plus the in-laws and kiddos!

Cousin Oliver!

So anyway, Mickey may have a new "do" that makes him look older, and yes he is going to be getting on a big yellow school bus and at school for the WHOLE day, EVERY DAY!  (okay, totally psyching myself out) BUT, he is still my sweet lovey-dovey mousekin!

As we drove home from our super-fun reunion full of swimming and playing with cousins from near and far, I asked the kids what their favorite part of the vacation (reunion) was.

Mickey piped up from the backseat.

"Oh mommy, my favorite part of the vacation was snuggling you this morning!"

Melt, Melt!  

Mickey, I do realize that someday you may be reading this years down the road,
 you will roll your eyes,
 grimace at such a thought
and deny such a thing
and that will be perfectly normal.. and healthy!

 And we will laugh about it.  And I bet I will feel a little twinge in my heart, a bit of sadness that those days are  gone.

And that is why I write... to capture these little moments.

Yes I know this is a completely multi-faceted blogpost that is lacking focus.  I just felt the need to acknowlege that, lest you think I thought it was acceptable.  But the alarm clock will be ringing early tomorrow morning so  no time for me to reconstruct this crazy post!  Sweet Dreams!


Vicki said...

Oh Tricia, we are alike in a lot of ways! I am looking forward to school/preschool for a little break from the quarrels, but I know it's bitter sweet. To add to your list of school worries, I am a little scared (to say the least) that another child will feed Cole something w/ peanuts in it and the teacher won't realize it soon enough:( Ahhhhh, trying to be better at trustint the Lord to take care of my kids when I'm not around, but it is so hard sometimes. xoxo, Vicki

SCFSHON said...

It's a small world, and a pleasure to see your face along with Nick's as I ran across your blog. Luke Knapp is an old friend of mine,and in light of the recent bombshell dropped here in West Bend I ran across his site with some quotes from Froehlich.. and he had a link to your blog.. so here I am :)

You are loved!
Shon Bruellman

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