Tuesday, June 21, 2011

My Business Has Gone to the Dogs!!


Isn't that the cutest puppy??? I love it!!!!!

A while back, Amy Tobias Photography contacted me with a "weird request".  "Can you make a flowerband for a dog? "

I truly giggled when I recieved that message!

Thank you Amy for letting me use this image! Click here to "like" her Facebook Page and be in the know for her awesome give-aways, deals and specialty photo shoots

As for me, loving my little business.  I am having lots of fun and adore the creative high.  Hate the mess colossal disaster that I have created in our spare bedroom. Its a very pretty mess though;  flowers, ribbons, tulle, fabric, beads and jewels!  Anytime I have taken a little girl age 3-10 into my "work room" they pretty much think it is heaven.

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