Thursday, June 2, 2011

Religious Pirates?

Mickey has a fascination with pirates so when I saw on that Blackbeard's anchor had been dredged up from the sea, I shared it with Mickey immediately.  Then of course we googled Blackbeard to read more about this interesting pirate.  On a side note--how did parents answer questions before Google?  

I was reading aloud the article and Mickey interrupted me with this startling question:


I looked at Mickey incredulously wondering how he could have possibly wondered that after hearing about the not-so-Christ-like activities of Mr. Blackbeard. 

When Mickey saw my confused expression he said....

"Well you just said that Blackbeard easily preyed (PRAYED) on Merchant Ships...." 

I have been giggling about this ever since!


smw said...

kids are just so funny. :)

T and M said...

You guys need to watch Blackbeard's ghost, an old disney classic! Maybe not the most factual portrayal of the pirate but still fun!