Monday, June 6, 2011

Generational Hair

I have an outgoing personality.  I have to be.  You see, when I was little, I was so cursed with horrible hair that I had to compensate by being  friendly so that others did not think I was a troll.

At age 35, I still get comments like this, "OHHHH, you were the youngest of the girls---the one with  "THE HAIR?"

It was a huge relief to all members of my family when Mickey did not appear to inherit my hair.

In fact, Mickey asked me a few years ago, "Why does Papa always say, 'Mickey your hair lays down SO nice'!" (Clearly a stark contrast the the wild-haired girl he had raised 30 years ago)

I spent most of my child in Dorothy's salon as she created potions to tame the hair !  It was in those very formitive years that I developed an interest in hair and later chose to study Cosmetology.  Here are some pictures so that you KNOW I am not embellishing!

In an attempt to tame the wild hair, my sweet mother gave me a home perm which was affectionately referred to as my afro.  This did not tame it so much as it fried it.  I do not have pictures to show this most distasteful phase.  They exist of course, but I don't have access to them for this blog post!  

Since the Afro was a fail-- my mom learned how to use a curling iron to lovingly coerce every strand into laying in the same direction.  (pictured below)

This hairstyle came to a screeching halt the day I visited my older sister's classroom.  As I entered the classroom,  a very hateful boy named Bart Andrews ( a name that I grimace at to this day) stood up, pointed at me and said, "MUSHROOM HEAD!"  

and that was the end of that hairstyle. 

From then on, when mom would curl my hair, I would say, curl it UP, not UNDER!  

So why the blogpost on my childhood woes of hair? 

Well, it seems that the genetic curse has fallen upon sweet Minnie!  

It has been a mystery as to why it has taken her hair so long to come in. And of course we are delighted at the brilliant shade of red. So we have just been patiently waiting for her hair to grow.  

And then we hit a glitch last weekend.  We realized she was missing some hair.  

We did not realize how much hair she was missing until  we looked back at pictures from just a few weeks before.  It was not missing in patches--but had considerably thinned out all over. 

Stricken--I called our Pediatrician--who assured me it was most likely nothing, but did want to do blood tests to make sure that her thyroid was okay.  And it is.  

So what does this mean? 

My heart kind of breaks for her thinking that she has the bad hair gene.  Her hair has thinned out so much that it barely even curls on top any more. We have tried to be very careful and not mention any of this to Minnie as we certainly do NOT want her self-esteem to be compromised at almost three years old!  

It is most awkward when others notice and bring it up around her.  I think that adults forget how perceptive little kids are.  I certainly remember the shame and embarrassment of people commenting on my orangutan-like hair.  

This picture taken at the beginning of May--we were excited that Minnie's hair was starting to fill in and her curls were gorgeous! ........

Below is pictures taken yesterday June 6th-- the color is faded, the curls mostly gone due to the thinness and  her hair is see-through and kind of fuzzy

So we have NO idea as to what this means! It appears that she is healthy in all other ways.  She eats wonderfully--loves her vegetables, eats pretty sizeable portions and a balanced diet.  This all happened before our community pool opened, so I know it can't be the chlorine.  Saying that, I know that chlorine is horrible for her little hair, but she is a great swimmer and I cannot in good conscience keep her from the joys of the pool for the sake of her hair!

So Blog readers--any thoughts???

One thing to add is that she has been sweating PROFUSELY at night from her head?  Could that be a connection?

Well I am not too distressed about Minnie's hair loss.  I am sad a bit as cute hair always makes one look adorable---and pathetic hair kind of detracts. But ever-wise Hubby pointed out that this is a great time to emphasize to our children that their value is not in their outward appearance or in their possessions, but in the fact that they are loved completely by us and by their Creator God who has created them for the purpose of bringing Him glory.

Of course I don't want to leave you hanging in the journey on my own hair.  I have often said that my hair has done a good job of keeping me humble.  And perhaps that is the purpose for Minnie as well.  My hair actually has a disorder called "Turning Hair". Which is nothing serious, it just means that it keratinizes on one side and then the next.. instead of both sides at once which leaves it not-so -shiny and not-so-strong.   But never fear-- I was able to enjoy the early 90's as much as any teenager!

Check out this huge hair!  Quite an accomplishment knowing that my hair is PATHETICALLY THIN!

It's a whole lot of perm, a whole lot of hairspray and a WHOLE lot of back-combing or RATTING :)

Okay, Okay Stop Laughing!!

So the hair saga continues.  So sorry dear little Minnie for passing down this genetic deficiency and we hope your hair grows back in nice and full. And we can hope that people can remember their manners as little girls have impressionable  hearts and not say "Where is her hair? or My, her hair is so short and thin!"

 But there are worst things!!  So buckle up Minnie, and learn to work with what you got and count your blessings.  Hair is just hair and you are beautiful, hair or no hair!

And anyone in the blogworld have any advice or thoughts about what do do about thinning hair on an almost three year old--would love your thoughts!


The Wicker Family said...

Hey! I think I may have what you're talking about with your hair, but all on one side. My hair has always been extremely thin- and won't grow past my shoulders- just stops- however, with my frequent pregnancies I've managaed to grow it a little past my shoulders for the 1st time in my life- I'm just afraid to cut it more than a trim bc I know I'll never be able to have it this long again. So, as long as Minnie doesn't have some other issue you can rest assured it will improve during pregnancy. However, when I lose hair around the 4 month mark after pregnacy as most women do it's a little extreme for me bc it leaves bald spots and then the hair takes forever to grow back and is much less- each x I've had this very short hair in dff places.
Anyway, my hair is very thin and fine- but I've learned to deal with it as much as possible. And, your right is is JUST hair. God doesn't care what is on the outside. We won't be asked if we had lovely locks at the pearly gates. Perhaps there will be some awesome invention, with all the new technology everyday, to help Minnie. She is a beautiful girl and I don't think her hair will be able to change that, no matter how little or much she has.
And, I loved seeing how much Mickey looks like you- it's just amazing!
Much love and prayers!

smw said...

maybe she's shedding for the summer?

(i'm not sure whether to say that in a joking sense or not. it sounds funny, but if she's been sweating, maybe God is sparing her some discomfort this summer?!)

freid207 said...

Who cares about the hair when you can rock a bright yellow feety-pajama'd oneside with your sister Gayla?

I distinctly recall your MEPO cheerleading picture with a whole lotta hair, too.

PS I commiserate with you on hair woes. At least Minnie's hair doesn't have the extra flair of being "ethnic"...I'm hoping my Squirrels opt for the "bald but beautiful" style someday.

Aunt Christy said...

I don't know anything about hair, but I couldn't resist commenting on the huge hair. It made me chuckle when you mentioned ratting and home perm kits.
Oh the joys of HAIR.

Jane @ Sweet Basil Kitchen said...

Except for the stress this uncertainty has caused you, this post is priceless!! Ron had to ask why I was laughing as I was perusing your pictures! When you have beautiful spirits and beautiful faces, who needs beautiful hair!! Love you guys!
A. Jane

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