Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Just What the Doctor Ordered!!!

Our family has just come through a particularly busy season the last few months. All great stuff--not stressful negative things, but nice wonderful, life-filling events plus the daily stuff! So the last few months we have not felt like we have been able to really "be" with our Mousekins (Mickey and Minnie). I know this sounds strange since I am a stay-at-home-mama, but it IS possible to be around your children all day and not really "be" with them and interacting the way I want to be.

Lo and Behold, on my Facebook page I saw a special rate from Honey Creek Resort that was too good to pass up! Yep, just what the doctor ordered! We had been there exactly one year ago (We had won a free family get-away)  and we were ready to go back! Honey Creek Resort is a little over two hours from our house so its a perfect weekend family get-away!

Here was our wonderful cabin!

There was an awesome spiral staircase that completely mesmerized  and entertained Mickey and Minnie which led up to the loft.

The weekend turned out to be MISERABLE weather.  It rained and drizzled and dripped pretty much 24/7.

*So we did not get our ride our bikes on the trails (Honey Creek has bikes for rent in all sizes with the most comfortable seats which sharply contrasts to my bun-numbing bikeseat that tortures me on our family bike rides)

*And we did not get to hike in the beautiful state park that Honey Creek Resort rests on.

*And we did not get to go the the playground that is on site that Mickey has been dying to return to.

*And we did not get to hit the geocaches that we were hoping to discover-  We had even "checked out" the Geocaching Bag that was filled with all the necessary equipment to locate the caches and discover nature--can't wait to try that out next time! Not sure what Geo caching is?  Click Here to read more. Honey Creek has 23 permanent Geocaches on site and the weekend  we were there, there was a big event and the die-hards were out there searching them out.  Not the Mouseymom family--we melt in rain.

*And we did not get to play on the beach or boat on Lake Rathbun.....

*And we did not get to go on the Photography Hike with the onsite Naturalist...

And that was all okay, BECAUSE-- we got to just BE with our kids.
No Rushing
No Time Schedule
No getting things done

It was amazing how much more patient and relaxed we were being free of schedules and commitments!

The dreary weather actually made us kick back more and just relax.  

So we got to enjoy the indoor water park to the fullest! 

Played Playdough

Colored in coloring books....

Enjoyed the Game Room! 
 Its entirely possible that my children are better at those driving games than I.. just saying....

And when the temperature rose a bit above 55 and the rain stopped for a moment; we got to enjoy a campfire and smores with the onsite Naturalist for story time.  (BRRR)

And we got to enjoy two glorious meals at the Honey Creek Restaurant.  I love the food there.  Wow! It was awesome that we could eat at the Restaurant as a year ago when we were here, Mickey's milk allergy was still in full swing and we had to make all of his food at our cabin.  So the contrast of now being able to eat out was a time of celebration and thankfulness to the Healer.

 It was at the aforementioned restaurant that Mickey and Minnie discovered cheesecake for the first time and they LOVE IT!!!!

We at most of the meals at our cabin (full kitchen--yay!) (very economical--double yay!)
Minnie loved her Roasted Red Pepper and Tomato soup so much that she drank the last part from the lip of the bowl! It was not so mannerly, but ever so darling. 

We loved seeing Matthew Mosely again--the Manager of Honey  Creek.  He went out of his way to make us feel welcome!  He is passionate about making Honey Creek Resort an incredible vacation destination and he is doing a magnificent job!  At the end of our weekend he presented us with a laminated picture of our family from our blog, thanking us for staying with them and signed by the staff. Now that is above and beyond hospitality!

And when we weren't in our cabin, we were hanging out in the lobby, playing Wii, and board games.  

The Resort is expanding each year with more on-site activities and amenities.  The Interpretive Center is nearly finished, the beach is ready for playing and the award-winning golf course is perfectly groomed.

It is fair to say that our family loves Honey Creek.  It is a perfect get-away rain or shine especially for our stage of life where our kids just want to BE with us!  Long vacations thousands of miles away are not that conducive to travelling with little ones--so a little get-away like this is ideal and recharges us as a family and does not break the budget! (yes I realize that was a poorly constructed sentence--but do not care enough to try to edit it)

When my mom asked Minnie what she liked about her vacation to Honey Creek; Minnie did not mention
 the water park,
 the stuffed bobcat, 
playing games
playdough fun
or the oodles of time with her doting parents....

 Instead she answered enthusiastically.."I WIKED DA CHEESECAKE!"

oh precious girl-- you may be a tiny little thing now... but take it from your mama--those rich tastes catch up with you-most likely at the age of 25 when your metabolism will suddenly go into hibernation and never wake up!  So enjoy it now, my little Minnie!

To read about our Free Family Get Away last year at Honey Creek click HERE

If you would like to get the Event Updates and Special Rates via Facebook from Honey Creek click Here


smw said...

that sounds wonderful. :)

Jill Klenk said...

your fun little get-away sounded awesome! glad you got some "kid" time! we have always wanted to go to honey creek and escape but weren't sure because we're not golfers or fishermen. but we like outdoors and beautiful scenery and the moon/nature walks. it was good to hear a recommendation for this place!

Jamie Kaufmann said...

Aw, how exciting on the cheesecake! That would be my favorite too! Way to make the best of a rainy trip. Looks like it was a blast!

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