Sunday, May 15, 2011

A Day to Remember!

Mothers' Day 2011

Things I want to remember~

~The sound I awoke to was my little Minnie exclaiming gleefully, "Happy Muvvers Day, mama!"

~That I got to wear a silly putty necklace made by Mickey

~Mickey made me  my own Lego Transformer kit.  (he knows how very pathetic I am at legos, so he creates small kits for me in the snack sized ziploc bags... sometimes they come with hand-drawn instructions).

~ God blessed us with perfect weather!

~  I got to hike with my family in the woods and drink up the refreshing beauty in nature

~I had a fantastic meal at our hometown restaurant and now I am currently wishing I could duplicate that meal and devour it right now! (filet mignon stuffed with bleu cheese, creamy risotto, strawberry and cream puff )  

~Hubby pledging his undying appreciation for me devoting myself whole-heartedly to our family. (and he was constantly reminding the mousekins to obey because--"its Mothers' Day and you should make this day easy for your mother!!!" :)

~ Worshiping God with my family at church- a wonderful blessing and privilege.

~a wooden birdhouse painted blue -because its my favorite color- given to me by Mickey that he made at preschool.

~a beaded key chain given to me by Minnie from her Sunday School Class.  Although she called it an earring.  

~I got to hug my own mother at the very end of the day!  

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Vicki said...

Love this. And love that I am also blessed to be called mommy:)

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