Monday, April 18, 2011

The Unexpected!

If you come to my house,  it would be very rare for me to pull out a tupperware and say, "Oh hey, I just made some bars--would you like some?" Not because I don't like sweets, not because I don't want to  be hospitable, not because I am uber healthy, BUT simply because I am a miserable failure when it comes to such cooking/baking ventures.  But today was the last day for Mickey to take treats for preschool and he has been requesting rainbow jello.

So I scoured the internet and found a recipe and it worked!  This morning Mickey said, "mom, they look exactly like the pictures!!!" I swelled with pride!  And I can do that as usually I am so defeated-feeling in my culinary skills that a little pride in that area is most likely healthy!

So without further ado.....

Stained Glass Jello  (or Broken Glass jello) (or rainbow jello)

I had  more than enough made for the preschool class that I was able to take a small plate of this beautiful food over to a friend with sick kids.  YAY!  How Martha Stewart is that?  hee hee!

To find the recipe, click HERE!

The recipe says to only use 3 colors of 3 oz jello boxes, but I made two 9 x13 pans so I used all 6 colors of the rainbow and split them in half for each pan--to fullfil the request of my son for "rainbow jello"!

Of course you could do really pretty color combinations for baby or bridal showers, holidays...etc.

Mickey and Minnie were so intrigued with them and loved them!  Me? Well, jello is not high on my list of foods, but I did enjoy the artistic beauty and brightness of the stained glass jello.


T and M said...

this is fun ( : seems like a great treat for sick kids!

Rochelle said...

I sooooo resonate with your first paragraph. Love sweets, don't bake!

I might try this with Ethan on Monday for his birthday. Fun fun!

Thanks for the idea! :)

Jeanie Cullip said...

these are great! I have red and green jello in the pantry.. I think I will make some Christmasy jello, thank you for sharing.

BTW .. I do not bake much either, thats what the bakery is for

a latte of blessings & giggles,

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