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That's US! But not about "us", but about God and how HE can use a few mamas!

I wanted to share an article on my blog about a little fundraiser my prayer group did this past weekend.  The local newspaper did a great article on it and we are thrilled, not because we want the glory, but because our hearts are set on raising awareness on the atrocities in this world so that help is on the way!  

We raised $1000 by selling Valentine Cookies to our extremely generous and supportive local communities and every cent will go to PROJECT RESCUE!  Please visit their website and hopefully this article will get your creative juices thinking about how you and a few friends can jump in and raise a few bucks to be part of rescue mission!

Moms with a mission

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John Lovretta/The Hawk Eye
Lindi Kobliska of Burlington, a member of Missional Mamas, a local group of mothers, decorates one of 70 dozen cookie.
John Lovretta/The Hawk Eye
Carly Frankovic, foreground, along with Lorenia Schmidgall, left, and Megan Snyder, all of Burlington and members of Missional Mamas, decorates 70 dozen cookies Friday in the cafeteria of the Great River Christian School. The group, which has been raising money for various charities by selling purses and jewelry, was selling the cookies in an effort to help save children from child prostitution through Project Rescue.

They call themselves Missional Mamas, and as the name implies, these ladies are on a mission. A mission to serve women and children around the world by drumming up money for charities that support them.

This year, the southeast Iowa-based Missional Mamas organization is focused on donating money to Project Rescue, which works to rescue and restore the victims of child prostitution through Jesus. The moms baked and sold more than 70 dozen sugar cookies Saturday, raising over $1,000 for the cause.

"We just want to be the hands and feet of Jesus from where we are," said Missional Mamas member Stacey Rascon. "We are not affiliated with one particular church. We are all followers of Jesus."

Consisting of 19 local mothers from Burlington, Danville, New London, Mediapolis and Fort Madison, the group is less than a year old, and already has a functioning website packed with blog entries and photos.

Missional Mamas founder Carly Frankovic never expected the group to grow as fast as it did. In fact, she never expected the group to grow at all.

"I would have been happy with just four women getting together and praying for the nation," she said with a laugh.

Initially, that's all the group was. Frankovic founded Missional Mamas after taking a class called "Perspectives on the World Christian Movement" with several of her friends. The class inspired Frankovic to start a prayer group that prayed for suffering nations around the world, but that group soon turned in a service-oriented volunteer organization.

"Being young moms with young kids, we're kind of land locked," Frankovic said. "We wanted to know what we could do for the world globally without leaving our kids. We put service projects together to do just that."

That was in May of last year. By July, the moms already were organized and pursued their first service project through Timbali Crafts - an organization that takes handbags made by women in Swaziland, Africa, and sells them to volunteers like the Missional Mamas. The volunteers then sell those handbags and donate the extra money back to Timbali Crafts, which uses it to feed more than 2,600 children at 14 care points.

The Missional Mamas set a high fundraising goal last year with tongue firmly in cheek, but they ended up underestimating themselves.

"It was kind of a joke when we set a goal of $25,000 last year, and then we blew that out of the water," Frankovic said.

The ladies ended up raising more than $30,000, and that's when they knew they were on to something. The group has doubled in size over the past couple of months, with minimal recruitment effort from Frankovic. Word of mouth about their good deeds has spread, and now Missional Mamas has satellite groups in Kansas and Indiana.

"It was a God thing. It just happened," Frankovic said.

The social networking site Facebook also played a big part in growing the organization. In fact, the moms only advertised the cookie sale through Facebook and ended up selling nearly triple the amount they thought they would.

"I was one of the ones that found out about it (Missional Mamas) through word of mouth," said Dorian Fowler, one of the newest members of the group. "We have great leadership, smart women, a bunch of little kids running around and supportive husbands."

The ladies also talk to local churches and will be selling items throughout the year to raise money for Project Rescue.

Beyond that, they're not sure where their charity work will take them. That's up to God.

"Where God leads, we never really know," Rascon said.

To find out more, visit their website at
Had to show off my cute apron that I bought at the Hearts at Home Conference last year!!!  Minnie has a matching one!

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Kristi said...

"WOOT~WOOT" to the Missional Mamas and PRAISE THE LORD!

I also want to give a shout out to a fantastic bunch of musical Jesus Followers, a group called Can You Hear Us?. You can find them at

The first time I heard their music, I was appalled. Their voices are sweet and the music gentle and inviting... but the lyrics cut straight to your heart. They sing of children in bondage or slavery that are waiting for us, that we have forgotten, they sing of my complacency, they sing of hard things to hear, they sing for Jesus. Take a few minutes and be blessed and challenged! :)

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