Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Shame on Me

 Two years ago I was in the midst of winter and complaining about my loathesome feelings about winter to my husband.  He patiently listened and then the words he spoke to me struck me deeply.  "Honey" he said, "It really isn't fair that you complain about winter.  We were living in Sunny South Carolina and we CHOSE to move back to the midwest to be near family.  You can't have  it both ways, so you might as well accept it and stop fighting it."

What a novel plan!  

That hubby of mine is a clever one!

And so the last two winters I have adopted a NO-COMPLAINING policy for weather.  Sometimes I stop myself mid-sentence.  I never realized how much complaining was going on until I was making a valiant effort to avoid it!  And you know what?  It really has helped me to develop a more positive attitude towards my least favorite time of year.  

HOWEVER.....  Lest you think that I am Positive Pamela...just now I was telling my husband about my day--my very long day as he has been leaving for work at 6am and coming home at 9pm the last few days and I realized that my every sentence was tinged with complaint.

the crazy kids
they never obey
I am out of groceries
this went wrong
that went wrong

I ended up my re-cap of my day saying, "I don't know why I sound so negative, I have a perfectly blessed life!  My head KNOWS how blessed I am.  On paper I have everything I could ever dream of(minus the full-time cook and housekeeper) , but the minute to minute of the day can still be harried causing me to lose the big picture.  

Now at the end of my day, I sit down catch up on Blog World and I see that my friend Jenny has updated her blog.  Her blog entry stops me in my tracks and repentance for my disgruntled attitude washes over me.

Jenny and Zach are in the same stage of life as we are.  Two little ones--even a little red-head girl like us.  They went to our small church when we lived in Indiana.

Last year Zach found out he had  terminal stage 4 colon cancer.   Below I am going to reprint her blogpost  and then at the end I want to introduce you to the amazing ministry they are starting in response to Zach's cancer called The Cancer Redemption Project.

Jenny's blogpost:

       Some would say that it isn't fair that Zach has cancer at such a young age.    I recently heard on the radio a discussion about the fact that we need to help our children understand that "Life isn't fair." I have considered this a lot over the past few days and here are a few thoughts.

-It's not fair that I can take my husband to the doctor to have his illness diagnosed. It's not fair that I can drive in a comfortable car/van to a hospital several hours away, so my husband can receive cancer treatment from a doctor who specializes in colon cancer. So many women in this world watch their husbands die and have no idea what is wrong because they don't have access to medical care.

-It's not fair that I have food to feed my children. Children are starving everyday and their mothers feed them dirt to take away the hunger pains.

-It's not fair that I can have full confidence that my children with be loved and cared from if something happened to both Zach and I. So many children in this world are in orphanages because there is no one to care for them when their parents can't care for them anymore

-It's not fair that I have many Bibles in my home and I can worship with believers any time I like. So many Christians are persecuted if they are found with a Bible or caught sharing their faith with others.
This journey through cancer is not an easy one, but God continues to remind me of my many blessings. If I think too far ahead I can easily get overwhelmed with what the coming months and years might bring. I am so thankful to know that God is by our side through everything and that we are blessed by the the prayers and support of so many. Thanks for your continued prayers for our family and for those around the world whose needs are even greater than ours.

So this couple has been an amazing example of trusting that God uses all things for HIS Glory.  Zach and Jenny believe that he was given clear instructions from God “not to waste his cancer.” He and Jenny are very passionate about caring for orphans and had hoped to adopt some day. God used these desires.... and is redeeming Zach's cancer by making a way for 48 orphans in Haiti to find homes and care through The Cancer Redemption Project.  That is 48 orphans who would not have a hope if not for Zach's suffering and great loss that is looming before him.  

That is Redemption.  

Of course the story is not fully written.  We pray that Zach can be healed.  We pray that the money will come so that Zach's dream can be fulfilled and his cancer will be will stop stealing and instead give life.  This is where the you and I's--can jump in and make a difference.  So often we think-- I can't make a difference in world hunger.  I can't make a difference in the 147 million orphans...  but we can!  We can recognize the HUGE injustice that we have EVERYTHING and they have NOTHING and choose to be part of change.

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