Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Oh we had FUN!

Because I know you all are breathlessly awaiting to know the details of our Chicago trip...

My cousin Heather got married last weekend in the Chicago area and we thought it would be a great time to stay two extra days for a little mini vacation and get some quality family time!

 It was wonderful!!

Shedd Aquarium
note: buying tickets online ahead of time saved us at least two hours of waiting in line OUTSIDE.  We even went midweek!

We sat in the front row of the dolphin/whale/sea lion show and it was fantastic when the sea lion paraded right in front of us

Icosium Kafe (Algerian food)
Hubby drinking traditional Algerian coffee. It was thick and rich with such unique flavor--we could definitely taste cardamom
okay so eating out was a really big deal this trip! Why? Well this as our first trip ANYWHERE where we did not have to take mass amounts of food to accomodate our son's milk protein allergy! It was wonderful! So freeing! I thanked God so many times
for healing Mickey.  We still had to be on the look out for the banana allergy like at Cold Stone creamery with cross-contamination--but over all it is a breeze!

We love exposing our children to lots of different food! So when we headed to downtown Chicago we had a mission to find good ethnic food! We ended up popping into an Algerian restaurant and it was out of this world delicious! We sat in a tented area. It was a little suspicious as we were the ONLY ones in the restaurant but it turns out that they had JUST opened up in this location.

  note: I once ate in a Spanish restaurant in England and my friend and I were the only ones dining there. We noted that it was never a good sign to eat in an empty restaurant. I got very bad food poisoning and ended up having to get medical treatment--so you would THINK I would be a little more cautious, but the adventure of eating Algerian food was too intriguing!)

The owner was delighted to have us dine with him and had us try all sorts of food. Our kids LOVED it! The owner sat down and told us about growing up on a farm in Algeria. It was a perfectly cultural experience!

At one point Mickey told the owner: "This is my favorite restaurant in the whole world and I am going to come back every day!"
Then a few minutes later Mickey corrected himself," Well I WISH I could come back everyday but I can't. We have to go back to our own country!:)

Mickey also was very aware of the owners accent and assumed he was Spanish speaking like his friends Dora the Explorer and Diego! So he asked the owner if he would to like hear him count to ten in Spanish! The owner was of course delighted and then counted to ten in Arabic for the kids. They were very impressed!

purchased our tickets online ahead of time.  We went from 3:30- 7:00pm  as suggested by online reviews and it was perfect--no waiting in any lines and not crowded at all! 

Barack Obama made out of Legos!

Legoland was a huge highlight for the kids as they are both lego-obsessed. It was really fun!

 Chicago made out of Legos.  Mickey was so amused to see that they had used Star Wars Lego figures in and around the city.

 This was a guys event.  My parents were in Chicago with us for a day as they were attending the wedding as well.  Have an adjoining room with my parents was like Christmas to my kids!
Mickey, Hubby and Papa went to watch the Knights jousting! Talk about a dream come true for a five year old!

Meanwhile mom and I entertained Minnie at Woodfield Mall at the Disney Store, Lego store  and ate at the Rainforest Cafe! And I visited my favorite store Lush!  

Urgent Care!

Much fun was spent in the hotel pool....
until Mickey slipped and hit his head.

and proceeded to vomit 3 times in the next 45 minutes.

which apparently can be a not-so-good sign.

I had visions of us waiting for 6.5 hours in a ER and bemoaning the loss of our precious vacation time.  BUT, instead we found a great clinic that had him seen by a super nice doctor, CAT scan and popsicle all in under an hour.

CAT scan was fine--as we suspected as Mickey was acting like himself except a refusal to eat.

Mickey was absolutely perfect during the CAT scan.  The technician told him not to move or not too open his eyes. Much to my shock-Mickey complied to perfection.  The technician was in awe.  I was in awe!

So he DOES know how to obey! AHA!

On our way out the door I said to Mickey,"Honey, you did AWESOME!" You were perfectly still!"

His Reply:  "mom.  I wasn't."

I looked at him questioningly.

"I tried to lay still,but I couldn't!  I could feel my heart beating.  I tried to make it stop, but it wouldn't.
 Mom, how do I make my heart stop?"  

Oh Bless his sweet heart!  

We had a super special time and cherished our family time together!

And after all that eating, I tentatively stepped on the scale this morning and I only gained ONE pound!!! yippeee! SOOOOOOOO worth it!


arlan and katie said...

Ah, Chic-a-go!
Gotta love it...if it wasn't such a politically corrupt place, it would be even better :)

Great pictures Tricia-your son's comments crack me up!
Gotta love a young mind at work :)


T and M said...

oh my, that looks marvelous ( : Legoland is definitely going on my list for the future. And where was that yummy algerian restaurant at? I've never had algerian food but it looked good!

Aunt Christy said...

Oh I must get to LegoLand and the Jousting tournament. Plus make it through the long line to enter Shedd aquarium. You must have gone during an off season to accomplish all of those in two days.

Anonymous said...

I hear heard you were in town and seen at the Lego store! Thanks for the hello via Janell! looks like you had a wonderful time! glad your time at urgent care was short! Luann E

Missy @ It's Almost Naptime said...

Poor pumpkin!!!

And if you get too close to me, I will probably steal your daughter. Just saying. She's too cute.

Anonymous said...

Very energetic article, I enjoyed that bit. Will there
be a part 2?

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