Sunday, January 30, 2011

Had to Write This Down!!!

Minnie has not had very many chances to wear her fancy winter dress to church  as it has been so bitter cold.  But today was a bit warmer and so Minnie happily donned her ivory dress trimmed with fur and a flowing tulle skirt.  She looked like an angel.

After church we were at a restaurant headed towards the ladies' room and as Minnie pranced her way through the restaurant she found herself in circle of admirers.

After all the oohs and ahhs, one lady exclaims, "Oh, she looks so fancy, she looks like she is on her way to the PROM!

Then she leans down to Minnie's level and inquired in the artificial high voice that grown-ups talk to children in,
 "Sweetie, are going to PROM?"

Minnie stopped her twirling, looked at the lady in the eye and  replied sweetly in her super darling  voice,
"No, I not go to Pwom, I go to the Potty!"  

Oh how they howled with laughter!

Minnie was pleased at the response, but quite unsure as to what was so funny!

When Minnie someday learns what Prom is, and her awkward date is picking her up in a white tuxedo, I just may have to repeat this little story back to her!  :)

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