Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Who's King of our Pride?

Thanksgiving began with a very hilarious proclamation.

Mickey turns to Hubby with utmost seriousness, "Dad, I would like to wrestle you for control of the family"

Out of Nowhere.

How long has Mickey been planning this Ousting?

A.  Does he really think he could vanquish his daddy in a wrestling match?

B.  Does he really think that we would let five year old handle the decisions and direction for our family if he proved victorious?  

This challenge completely amused us.  We adore his spirited ways!  I think I will start referring to Hubby as Lion King, at least until he is overthrown by a feisty little five year old!  


Kristi said...

Oh, my. I had such a different idea of what this blog was going to be about ... I thought we were going to hear a mini sermon about surrendering our pride to our Father King! HA!
And then I laughed my bum off.

T and M said...

Tricia, solomon's expression has a lot of you in it, don't you think? this was very funny ( :

Kirk and Keri Plattner said...

Wow, he's spirited! You really need to journal his quotes.

Nancy said...

Ha! This is so REAL. I just hope the Lion King can keep his strength because he may be out witted?! *giggle, giggle*

Kristy said...

Oh, that boy makes me laugh! Love hearing all of his funny things. I wish we lived closer- I would just spend time talking to him all the time. : )

T and M said...

hhmmm, just realized my comment could be misinterpreted-i meant solomon's facial expression in the pic reminded me of you, not his verbal expression to wrestle for control of the family! hehe( :

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