Friday, December 17, 2010

Timbali Bag Give-Away!

As promised; A GIVE-AWAY!
Timbali Shoulder Bag~ padded shoulder straps, magnetic snap closure, inside side pocket for essentials (cell phone, keys, chapstick!)

These super-cool bags are more than an accessory!

They are made by women in Swaziland, really really poor women.  These women then volunteer their time at feeding care points in Swaziland to feed thousands of orphans. Why are there so many orphans in Swaziland, you ask?

Well, Swaziland has the highest AIDS rate in the world and the average life-span is under 35.  You can imagine if all most of the adults 35 and older are dead---that leaves a tremendous amount of children that are without parents.  Many of these children are HIV+ as well.  Timbali Crafts was started to give these women an income as well as spiritual nourishment which is also passed on to the orphans they care for.  Here is their website:

There is a tag on each purse.  On this tag, the lady who made the purse has written her name.  Most of the bios can be found on the Timbali Crafts website.

Here is the bio of the lady who made the purse featured in this Give-Away:

Lindiwe Mathula is 38 years 
old and the mother of 10 
children. Her husband, who 
passed away in 2009, had 
multiple wives. Lindiwe has 
been a volunteer at her 
neighborhood care point since 
2002, and says she started 
volunteering to help those who 
are sick and children who are 
in need.

A widowed mother of ten.  

Giving her time to others.  wow!  

Our prayer group has been so blessed to have partnered with these women!

I am doing this give-away to raise awareness for this amazing organization so please join me and send lots of people this way!  To read about how our prayer group partnered with Timbali, click HERE:

(from Fri Dec. 17th- Monday Dec. 13th)

1.  Commenting on this blog will enter your name 1 time  for the drawing! (even if coming from FB, please comment on blog only) 

2.  Posting  a link to your blog will enter your name 5 times for the drawing! (then leave a comment to let me know)

3.  Posting a link to your Facebook profile will enter your name 5 times for the drawing! (then leave a comment to let me know)

Come back and visit my blog as I have several more Give-aways in the next month!


T and M said...

put my name in the hat! I was shocked that Swaziland has the highest AIDS rate. You'd think we'd hear more about it. I think it's really cool that those bags have the woman's name & a matching bio! Thanks for raising my awareness, Tricia. It can be way too easy to settle into my americanized domestic comfortable christmas routine ( :

Erica said...

Here's my comment and I posted on facebook. :)

Dawn said...

I love this bag and will definitely post on my blog and on Facebook!!!

Dawn said...
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Lara said...

Love these! I've been slowly getting rid of all of my name brand handbags of 2005, I need something that helps someone else!

Lara said...

Facebooked it!!

Lara said...

Added it to today's blog post :-)

Dawn said...

Posted on Facebook and posted on blog. What an amazing ministry. If I don't win, I will definitely be purchasing from the website!

Jon y Amy said...

Hey Tricia,

Yay! I facebooked it and blogged it!

Hope you get MANY entries!

Karen said...

And thanks to Erica's Facebooking, here I am! Glad to find your blog and such a super cute bag. :)

Seeds Of Change Raw Foods said...

Posted to my blog, posted on my facebook and sharing here. Thank you. Love this bag

Seeds Of Change Raw Foods said...

I added this to my blog. I shared on Facebook. love this beautiful bag.

Seeds Of Change Raw Foods said...

I posted to my blog and shared on Facebook. Love this little bag. Thank you for the give away.

Seeds Of Change Raw Foods said...

Added to blog, posted on facebook. Love this bag. Beautiful. My girls are from Haiti. They love it too.

Kristi said...

Woot Woot for Timbali! I gave you a shout out on Facebook, I hope it helps! I gave a Timbali to my sis-in-law for her birthday in September and she has nearly worn it out (which is NOT easy) because she uses it SO much. True story.

Stephenie said...

Blogged it and facebooked it! I would love to be entered. Thanks!

Sarah said...

Posted it on FB! I know exactly who I will give this bag to, if I am so lucky ;) lOVE what you are doing!


Jenn said...

Posted a link on Facebook, adding it to my blog ( and heres my comment (:

Enter me!

This is so awesome...great giveaway!

Melissa said...

Commented here!

Melissa said...

Facedbooked it! LOve these bags!

Jenn said... <<There is the link to the post on my blog. I also shared the link on my Facebook page!

Ashley said...

What an awesome cause! And I LOVE the purse :) Thanks so much for doing this giveaway!!

Kelly said...

Commenting here...that is a great looking bag! :)

Anonymous said...

Hi Tricia,

I'm Amy Gerst's mom and I love your giveaway idea (and of course, I hope I win)! I posted this on my facebook account as well!

Blessings to you and yours,

Gwendy Greenhagen said...

Commenting here. Love the bag!

Tammy said...

If I'm not too late count me in for the bag please! what a wonderful organization. I can't wait to read more about it later today;)

arlan and katie said...

Love the handbag Trisha...I hope I win!


psalm127mom said...

I'm excited about the giveaway because I've been wondering how local ladies could help do what you guys have been doing back home, and would love to have one of the purses as an example to show them! I left a blogpost on my blog, as well as on facebook ;)

Kara said...

Love the bag!

Tami P said...

How convenient...I came to your blog to find your contact info so I could email you for your sis's address...and I find out you're having a giveaway! :) So, can I get G's address AND be entered?!? I so so so love what you are doing with your prayer group and all your efforts on behalf of the hurting in our world! You inspire me and I know you bring a proud smile to your Heavenly Father. (Hmmm, knowing your earthly dad I know he's gotta be proud of you, too!) :)

Boy oh Boy oh Boy! said...

Beautiful bag and beautiful cause!

Changeling1966 said...


Just wanted to say hello to you!

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