Friday, December 10, 2010

Seven Mamas!

  How can God use busy busy mamas to reach desperate children and other mamas struggling to survive?

The Answer:


Meet my prayer group.

Thats what we do.  We pray.

Honestly, when I was approached about joining some other women to start a prayer group after several of us finished the amazing Perspectives course... I thought I was too busy.  But then I thought... wait,  shouldn't this be a priority?  I would like to say that I would have the passion and discipline to pray for the unreached people groups, children forced into sex-slavery, and orphaned children.. but I know myself too well.

Praying together is powerful and it has changed us.  Changed us so that our selfish hearts broke and we desired to pour more of ourselves into loving the moms and children around the world who have not been blessed like us.

And so we had a party!  That's right!  A Christmas Party!  We figured that we Americans spend disgusting amounts of money on Christmas Presents, why not make it count for something WONDERFUL!  Let's turn around our Materialism and let it BLESS the world! We contacted several organizations who consigned items for us to sell. I have those organizations listed a bit further down in this post and hope that many of you consider finishing out  your Christmas Lists with items from around the world.

So let me tell you a bit about this party.  According to our Facebook Event, we had 41 confirmed guests coming .  Seven of those were us.  Over 150 Ladies showed up and poured out their love!  At the end of the night we had over $7200 in sales!!!!!! We were exhausted and delirious all at the same time!  We praised God for his amazing ways!  Since July we have been selling items from mission organizations at our local farmers market, church and house parties and to date we have sold over $22,000! We are just busy moms, but we serve and worship a mighty God!   He has showed us what He can do when we exchange our self-obsessed hearts in for a heart that seeks to give, bless and glorify Him.  And its amazing.

Here are some pictures from the Missional Mama's Holiday Open House before the chaos began!

Beaded jewelry and scarves from Outreach Uganda.  You can order directly from their website! Many of you know of the horrific circumstances in  Uganda.  A way we can help is to support the micro-businesses of the tribal women.  These women make amazing jewelry and scarves!  Each item comes with an explanation of the ministry.

Fine Jewelry (Thailand) from NightLight International.  You can order directly from their website! This jewelry is higher-end as it is made with gorgeous Thai materials.  NightLight is a micro-business for women escaping sex-slavery or prostitution.  In Thailand, many women are forced into sex-slavery against their will or for survival.  Many women sell themselves to provide for their families.  Nightlight is an alternative way for them to survive!

Timbali Bags ~We had a whole other room not pictured devoted to these! Timbali bags have been wildly popular in this area!  They are made by women in Swaziland supporting Orphans.  Swaziland is in Africa and has the highest AIDS ratio, and the average life span is under 35 leaving lots of children without parents and suffering from HIV.

Gobena Coffee--(not pictured)  Organic Fair Trade Coffee from Ethiopia--this business was started by some friends of mine who desired to do more to help the orphans of Ethiopia after adopting a baby girl from an orphanage there.  Coffee can be purchased online (5 bags=free shipping).  Why not replace your regular coffee with Gobena?  Each bag supports an Ethiopian Orphan in a nutritious feeding program for one month!

Tee shirts and Hats were made by an Adoptive family raising money to go get their precious child!

You can purchase these items at this blog:

Check out Megan modeling the hat and tee-shirt! (and NightLight necklace)

Below is my Frills and Flowers table.  I had been thinking asking God how I could give more.  So why not use what I like to do! I love creating flower hair accessories!  After all, why not use what we are already doing to Glorify God!  My cousin Ashley had inspired me with this decision as she had comitted to using the money she was earning through selling Mary Kay to give for God's purposes in helping others.

It doesn't look like much.  But this little table of hair treats brought in $400!  I gave that money to another Missional Mama and she purchased socks, underwear, mittens, and small toys and our prayer group made over 90 care packages to send back to Kosovo for under-privileged children.  I love that!  Could my family have used $400?  Sure!  Would it have changed our lives considerably?  NO.  Will it have a huge impact on children in Kosovo?  I know so.

Okay, so back to the open house.

We are doing it again. (slightly insane, we are!)

So much of our stuff sold out in the first hour that we have been mercilessly begged to host another event.

Who are we to deprive the orphans??

This Saturday
 Dec 12th from 9am to noon
at our local Christian School Cafeteria
426 Harrison Avenue

Update Dec 12th
After the Open House our total is now just shy of ....


And if God can use seven busy mamas with little ones running amuck.... trust me, He can use you to reach out to the sweet little ones powerfully in need of our help. Just ask him... pray.  A fabulous way to round out your interest and heart in global issues is by taking  the 15 week Perspectives Course where  speakers who have been in the trenches of global outreach. Classes start in January... visit  for a location near you!  The tuition is signifigant-but 100% worth it.  Scholarships available.

If you would like to stay tuned in to the Missional Mamas stop by our very new--still in the works webpage. It was lovingly designed by our very good friend Amanda!(check out her awesome healthy food blog at

We would love for you to join us in praying.  Interested in starting something similar?  We would love to come alongside you!  That's why we have a website now.

If you have a blogroll, please consider adding our website.

Oh, and haven't I been promising a Timbali Bag give-away?  Stay tuned!


Anonymous said...

Tricia, what your girls are doing istruly inspirational!!! I know that Eden will treasure the Timbali bag and purse that you sent over for her!! Keep up the amazing work!!!!


Megan said...

Awesome post Tricia! Its been amazing!

T and M said...

thanks for the post tricia. i appreciate the encouragement to pray. isn't it amazing what God can do when we are praying & ready to act? ( :

Anne said...

Just finally read this... very exciting! Praise God - what a wonderful testimony of Him using willing hearts. :)

Barbra said...

Hello, sorry to post on an old post, but I just found your blog! What an amazing holiday shop you had!!!! I love what you are doing and the missional mamas!
I got to your blog from our blog at We help with the Ludlati carepoint in Swaziland and try to encourage compassionate-missional living with our blog and community at! Thank you so much for posting the badge on your blog. We have so many things in common. I would love to chat sometime.

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