Tuesday, December 21, 2010

In Lieu of a Christmas Letter

The first nine years of our married life, our Christmas pictures were sent with a neatly folded letter that told of our family happenings.  Well, Hubby and I both come from enormous families.  In fact, Hubby can prove his family's claim to fame with a copy of the ever-reputable National Enquirer where his Great Grandfather was on the FRONT COVER and was touted to have the greatest number of descendants in the USA.

 My point?  Oh yes, my point :)

My point is that with loads of extended family, we naturally send lots of Christmas cards and so last year we nixed the letter (which shaved lots of time now that we no longer tri-fold 200 letters and I feel better about saving the paper due to my guilt of using copious amounts of paper towels daily).  We now print out our blog address on the back of the picture and mail it as a postcard.  So if you are here to check in on us...  here is our "2010 Christmas Letter":

Our family has enjoyed a wonderful year.  More ups than downs and for that we are extremely grateful!  Our best news is that our son (on our public blog we don't use our real names) Mickey who is now five appears to have fully outgrown his milk allergy.  Although--two years ago he also had outgrown his milk allergy and then it came back, so we are more on guard this time!  Our life has changed dramatically and we often say, "wow, so this is what it feels like to be a 'normal' family."  We still have an arsenal of epi-pens as Mickey is still very allergic to bananas but those are so much easier to avoid than milk protein.  So we are a grateful family and thank God for His Healing hand.

Speaking of Mickey (age 5), he is a delight!  He loves his family and friends and values them very much.  He is a deep-thinker, but loves to entertain as well.  His highlights of the year were receiving a trophy for winning a bike race and his Pirate-themed birthday party. He will start Kindergarten in the fall.  Our favorite quote from him is when he said in all seriousness, "Dad, I would like to wrestle you for control of the family"

Our daughter (blogname is Minnie) is two.  She is very proud of her red hair and when asked what color her hair is she will confidently reply "PINK!"  Minnie lacks no confidence.  She wants to do everything "MYFELF"!   Several times I have offered her a hug when she is sad and she wraps her arms around her tiny little body and haughtily insists, "Don't need hug, mama, I do it MYFELF!!"

I (the mama aka blogname Mouseymom) have the most blissful mornings as I wake up with two little mousekins snuggled into me.  I enjoy park or pool playdates, girls' nights, and quiet evenings at home with Hubby!  I have had lots of fun starting a little cottage industry making flower accessories.  I love the creative outlet and of course meeting and interacting with customers!

Hubby is the star of the show and he is quite famous in our little family.  He arrives home and is immediately pummeled with energetic, bouncy, love-lavishing mousekins!  They bemoan the tragedy of daddy having to go to work every day!  Nick has been at his Foam Fabricators job for a little over a year.  He really loves it and is grateful for good employment.

Our family enjoyed many summer days splashing in our local pool, and this fall we were SO blessed with oodles of gorgeous fall days for hiking.  And already this winter we have had some ice-skating on Papa's pond and sledding.  It bring us much joy to watch our children appreciate nature and its Creator.

A year of joy.

A year of gratefulness.  Not to be taken for granted.

Gratefulness that we could have never known if not for other years where the downs seem to outweigh the ups.

We love celebrating the birth of our Savior.  We love looking forward to our Home where it will be eternal rejoicing and no more tears!  Minnie keeps us in an eternal perspective with her darling little two year old voice that randomly proclaims, "Jesus is tumming (coming) soon!"

Merry Christmas from our home to yours!

Hubby, Mouseymom, Mickey and Minnie!


Anonymous said...

Thank you for your Chirstmas card! I love the pics of your family and keeping up on the "happenings" in your life/house. Hope all is well and maybe we will get to see you this summer at the Meyer reunion.
Sandi TerWee

Anonymous said...


I'm giving your blog the Sunshine Award! I love keeping up on your beautiful family. Visit here to receive the award:

Jane @ Sweet Basil Kitchen said...

Hi Tricia,
I am giving you the Sunshine award because you are my sweet niece and I love your blog!
Hugs from Auntie Jane

Libby said...

What a cute blog header! And Happy New Year to all of you!

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