Sunday, October 3, 2010

Who Wants a Dinosaur?

"Mickey!!! I just got the living room all picked up!  Please pick up all these dinosaurs and papers and put them away!!!!"  said the exasperated mother to her son. 

"But mommy, I want to sell my dinosaurs to raise money for the orphans who do not have enough food and no one to love them". 

Well, that kind of takes the wind out the exasperation and desire to have the living room nice and tidy! 

The first and, only customer was his Grandma (bless her heart!).  He had a row of his prized dinosaurs, and a sign below them, just like I had with the Timbali Purses that I sold out of my home to raise money for orphan care in Swaziland. 

He gave a compelling speech about his desire to help the orphans and to do so he was going to sell his dinosaurs!  He offered my mother a great deal, one dinosaur for $1 OR one dinosaur for $100.  Although my mother has a huge heart and unending generosity, she opted for the better deal.  She pocket the dinosaur and gave Mickey the dollar.  I put the dollar in his church bag so that he would have it when the offering plate was passed at church. 

Fast forward to this morning: 

The plate had already passed by when I remembered his dollar.  I found it and said, "Mickey, here is your money that you raised, go put it in the offering plate!"  His deep brown eyes sparkled with excitement, grabbed the dollar and he left the bench to track down the unsuspecting man with the offering plate.  I think he bounced all the way--giddy with delight to make a difference. 

Seriously, how totally precious is that?  My heart fluttered at the sweetness of his actions.  Completely unprompted, full of joy.  I know that warmed the Father's heart. 

It made me realize how much our actions speak louder than words.  I could preach a thousand sermons to my son about giving to the poor.  But instead, he was mirroring what he had seen taken place in our home a few weeks ago.  Something I did not realize he was drinking in.  He had witnessed me displaying the Timbali purses and Gobena Coffee in our home and ladies coming and buying it up.  He figured if I could sell something to help these children, well then so could he!

I cannot take the credit, I am part of an amazing group called Missional Mamas, a few busy mom's getting together to pray for people groups that do not know of Jesus and where suffering and hopelessness prevail.  I am thankful how God is impacting me through Missional Mamas--  And even more, the trickle effect it is having on my children.  Praise God!!!!

We will soon have a website--an awesome friend has offered her expertise and time-- and we hope to launch and equip many more Missional Mama groups.  More to come on this....I will keep you posted! 

For now, celebrating the sweet sweet things I see God doing in my children!  Gotta hold on to those moments!

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