Wednesday, October 20, 2010

You Go, Girl!

Minnie attracts attention wherever she goes.

For a variety of reasons.

Perhaps it is her ear-splitting screech she tortures everyone with in a .5 mile radius when things don't go her way.

Or perhaps it is the way she is riding Mickey like a horse at church, or is it the way she valiantly tries to empty a shelf at the library in less than a nano-second?

Well, yes there are many ways that Minnie attracts attention, but her number one way is her unique hair color. (Kind of a caramel red-with a bit of blonde)  Even my cousin Curt (who I was actually surprised that he knew her name) has commented a few times on her lovely locks! At two and 1/4 years, her hair is finally filling in and thus attracting more admirers as the color gets richer the thicker it gets.

Last week, a nice lady said to Minnie, " Oh my, when your hair gets longer, you will be so pretty!"

Minnie promptly and confidently replied, " Minnie pwetty NOW!" Then smiles and nods her head!

You go Minnie! May you always have the confidence to hold your own, the sweetness to top it off with a smile, and the wisdom to know that beauty is not "someday" but just as you are!


Margo said...

I love it! Way to put that lady in her place :)

Andrea Draper (Watkins) said...

Hey Tricia, I just love Minnie's hair colour - so stunning!!


Wee said...

So funny! Her hair color reminds me of Tess's!

Kristi said...

aw! she just made me tear up with pride! you GO girl!

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