Sunday, October 10, 2010

Heebie Jeebies.... Shudder...

Well, the Mousekin Family has had one FABULOUS WEEKEND!  We celebrated Mickey's 5th Birthday with gusto (perhaps a blogpost later when I am not so bleary-eyed tired), followed by a family camp-out and hiking.  We decided to top off the weekend with a special eating out experience....which had a few glitches.

First off, I want to say that it is SO exciting for our family to experience dining out.  As Mickey's allergies lessen, we are able to embrace more and more freedoms! So tonight's restaurant was a Japanese Steakhouse.  The mousekins did not even know this type of restaurant existed--the kind where the chef cooks in front of you and does all sorts of fancy schmancy things.  At one point, Mickey leaned over and whispers, " Mommy, can  you start cooking like that?" 

Okay so here is the Heebie Jeebies part.  I am not even sure if that is a real word, but in my mind it means CREEPY!  So at this restaurant, they place you with other people and you all dine together.  So four men sat down at our table and jovially introduced themselves.  We love meeting new people so we heartily dove in getting to know them.  They were on a motorcycle trip from Omaha.  At one point I see the man sitting beside Hubby, start whispering conspiratorially to my husband and gesture towards the mousekins.  I was of course a bit ill at ease with this and wondered what could be so secretive.

 After the secret conversation had ceased, I gave Hubby a questioning look as if to say, " hey, what was THAT all about"?  Hubby just gave me a funny look that said," not now," and " you don't even want to know" 

Trust me, after 11 years of Marriage, you can get all that from just a few clandestine expressions. 

Of course my curiosity was even more piqued. 

I pointed at the water fountain and gave the mousekins permission to get a closer look, then summoned Hubby over so he could spill the beans. 

I was SO not prepared for this!:

Here was the conversation between the nice man that we had been happily introducing ourselves to and chatting with and Hubby:

        Nice Man:  UMMM, is it okay if I sit here?

        Hubby:  SURE!  Why not?

      Nice Man:  Well, I am not supposed to be within 50 feet of children

      Hubby:  oh.

      Nice Man (suddenly Nice Man has now turned into Creepy Man): Yeah, I have an  ankle  bracelet on. 

Hubby: oh, okay. 


Now that I know that there is a sexual deviant sitting just feet away from my children talking to them, and that the pervert knows their name due to our over-friendliness from before, my meal just does not taste as good! 

All I have to say, is that man is mighty lucky he whispered that to Straight Thinking Hubby, and not Fly Off the Handle Mouseymom! 

Of course worst-case scenarios flooded my mind on our trip back to our house  "What if he seeks out our children after staring at them and interacting with them for an hour"  "Does he remember our first and LAST names that we cheerfully offered at the beginning of the meal, BEFORE we realized we were in the presence of a Destroyer of Innocence!!"

I shall do my  BEST not to worry, Pray for the Lord's protection, and pray for that pervert man that he may find forgiveness through Jesus's death on the cross and healing for the children he hurt, and PRAY that my children can grow up to be adults that honor God with their choices, and never harm anyone with their actions.  

On the bright side, Mickey loved the Japanese Steakhouse and happily exclaimed that he now has THREE favorite restaurants!  "Arby's, Japanese Steakhouse, and McDonalds!!"  

Ah, blissfully unaware children! 


Heather S. said...

Oh ick, ick, ick! You should have called the police immediately! That man knew EXACTLY what he was doing. In fact, if you can still remember his name, call the police now. I am so sorry that this disgusting excuse for a human being took advantage of your sweet family!

Anonymous said...

I would have felt totally yucky after that too! It turns my stomach any time I hear about such scary creepy humans! you were right though, Jesus died on the cross for all of us including those scary dudes! I pray they have amnesia about their trip to that restaurant and meeting your precious children! Luann E

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