Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Give-Away!!! Don't You Just Love a Blogpost with that title?

Hello friends!

My virtual friend Amy--I mean, she is a real person (at least I am pretty sure), but I only know her through the wonderful world of blogging is hosting a give-away on her blog! 
And she has beautiful babies that she adopted last year from Ethiopia! 

And she is using this give-away to promote Orphan Sunday and a very cool ministry called 147 million orphans.

AND yes I know that it is not proper English to start sentences with "and" much less three sentences.  Sorry.

 For those of you who have purchased the paper beads from us (Missional Mamas)--that is the ministry where we get the necklaces from. 

With no further ado.... zoom on over to Amy's blog, admire her babies and then spread the word for the give-away! 


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Jane @ Sweet Basil Kitchen said...

Hi Tricia ~ I have an award to share with you! Please stop by my blog when you're able =)
A. Jane

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