Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Dr. Jekyll and Ms. Hyde

Look at this adorable demure little sweetheart. 

Big brown doe eyes.

passionate about the color pink

couldn't harm a flea???? check out the 2nd picture.....

Check out the sword in her pull-up!!  
 Yes little Minnie can be ever so princess-y, and then next minute she is a fierce Viking with a semi-automatic, shield and sword.  But---notice her pink blanket flowing out from her Viking hat... now that's some style! 


T and M said...

i think she has patented some strange kind of viking princess fashion ( : her hat all askew is hilarious!

Rochelle said...

The second picture of Minnie absolutely made my day. There's a lot going on there - did she have help from big bro?

Libby said...

As a fellow redhead (from a Scandinavian family, no less), I absolutely adore the warrior princess photo. Viking girls unite!

Thanks for sharing the cuteness!

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