Wednesday, September 29, 2010

I Blame the Clean House!

A week and a half ago, my Facebook status read this:

"motivation: pretty sure that if I don't get my house cleaned today--it will be condemned. the upside? exposing my children to all sorts of germs that should get their immune system in full swing- bring on flu season!"

So that day I cleaned my house!  I mean REALLY cleaned.  I skipped my home-made all natural non-chemical all-purpose cleaner as my house was in such a condition that it needed some major chemicals!  Fumes and all, I scrubbed my way through the house until it was glistening--steam-mopping my floors at 11pm no less! 

I should have listened to my own sage wise words in the aforementioned Facebook Status!  After a few days of living in a purified house, my kids immediately started succumbing to the stomach flu.  SEE!  I knew it!  Clean houses are hazardous to ones HEALTH! 

First Minnie, then Mickey, it bypassed Hubby ,then the Stomach Flu hit me like a Tornado. Not even miraculous airborne could save me.  It is so peculiar--when you are dizzy with nausea and heaving your guts out, it is impossible to imagine what it feels like to be healthy.  I always reprimand myself when I am sick for not being gloriously thankful when I am healthy.  "How could I EVER take it for granted?" I wonder. 

I vomited copious amounts of my innards, and expelled anything left the "other" way.  I always wonder why it's okay to discuss puking but not the "other".  Numerous times I have heard mothers say, "my daughter was vomiting last night, and also..... (she lowers her head and her voice drops to a whisper and shiftily looks around to see if anyone is eavesdropping).... has diarrhea." 

So now we are all back to normal and I am trying to remember to stay gloriously thankful for days of health! 

As for me and my household--we will stick with my homemade no-chemical, practically drinkable all-purpose cleaner from now on as CLEARLY we need a few bacteria around here to keep our immune systems on their toes!  So if you come over and my house is less than gleaming... well,  a mom's gotta do what a mom's gotta do to keep her family healthy!


Kristi said...

oh, Tricia! I have made it my life's goal to keep my family healthy, the natural way... according to your blog post! :)
And you almost had me peeing my pants (why is it okay to say that in public? That is gross, too!) when talking about, well, you know, the "other" way of being sick. How many times have I stood there wondering if its okay to say "it" in a converstaion? Even if I'm okay with it, is the other person??? Will they ever look at me the same, or will I always be the person who had, well, you know, "it" once?
Anyway. *clear throat* I have to go not clean my house very well some more. :)

T and M said...

Tricia, I have always known deep inside that housework could be deadly, and you have given me more arsenal for my theory! I can't wait to share this with Trent( : I'm sure he'll be very pleased with my new excuse for not dusting, hahah!

Luke said...

I loved this post. :-) And it inspired me to send you a facebook message. Yay for second cousins!

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