Thursday, September 23, 2010

THIS is a snapshot of our life with Mickey....

Calvin and Hobbes0/09/23/

Its kind of dreadful to be outsmarted by your four year old.  Mickey has been studying dinosaurs for 2 years now.  It used to be his only interest.  Now he has varied interests that includes dinosaurs, pirates, and making his 2 year old sister scream at inhumane decibels.  Hubby and I read this comic tonight and busted out loud laughing... yes, this is our life.

*** I realized after I posted this that the very last part of the comic is cut off by my Frills and Flowers slideshow.  Calvin's dad is saying, " Why are we going here if he already knows everything?"

 Weeks after we have read him some very dull book chock full of dinosaur facts, Mickey will ask us some about some obscure detail from that book.  "Was it the Elasmosaurus or the Plesiosaurus that lays its eggs under water?"  I totally made that example up.. but you get the idea.  Of course we never know the answer. Oh to be able to absorb information like that little guy does!!!

OH, and for all blog readers, if you decide to write a dinosaur book some day, Please (desperate plea from parents) include the pronunciations!  We have changed the way we pronounce "Parasaurolophus" three times.  Pair- uh- sore- ALL- uff-uss (just in case you were curious in the final pronunciation!)

Very soon, Mickey will turn 5 and he will be having a Pirate cake and theme!!!!  woo hoo!  Birthdays three and four were Dinosaur themed, so I am thrilled to change it up a bit!!!

I saw an advertisement for these dinosaur shoes today and wanted to share it for all of you who have a little dino-loving child:   So Cool!

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