Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Big Conversations

Mickey is one of those deep thinkers.  Hubby and I are constantly astounded at the depth of his thoughts!  He mulls things around in his mind and you just never know when it will come up again.  Mickey comes into church with us and colors/plays during the sermon/worship time.  He rarely appears to be paying attention, but he will often ask us questions about the message later on in the week.  Children are sponges and they absorb EVERYTHING that they are exposed to.

At the advice of some of our best friends, we started "Bible Time" with Mickey as soon as we brought him home from the hospital.  Hubby and Mickey pour over the Bible every night and Mickey truly views Hubby as the Spiritual Leader as the Bible directs Daddies to be.  I love to overhear their conversations and often in the morning, Mickey will recount what he learned.  Mickey has a great Bible base and has graduated several times to more "wordy" Bibles.  I ordered many used Children's Bibles at various levels at a few years ago so that we could always anticipate the "next stage".

In the last few weeks, Mickey keeps bringing up that he wants to be baptized.  When I asked him why, he replies that he wants to be a follower of Christ.  "wow", I thought, he's ready!  So then I replied to him, "If you are ready to be a follower of Christ for your whole life, then I think getting baptized is a great plan!"  Mickey thought for a little bit then responded, " my WHOLE life?  That's a long time, I am not so sure about my WHOLE life" ...then on to another topic.

Another time we had this conversation...

Mickey:  Mom,  I really want to be baptized

Me:  That's great honey, we want to give this some time to see if its a decision that you really want.

then onto the diagnostic questions....

Me: Mickey, do you deserve to go to heaven?

Mickey: "NO!" of course not, Mom, I sin ALL the time "( I can verify that!) But I know that Jesus died on the cross, taking my sins away"

Me:  Well, Mickey, the Bible says that if you believe in your heart and confess with your mouth that Jesus is Lord.....

Mickey interrupts:  But MOM!  I only know what my brain thinks, I have NO idea what my heart thinks!

I love his honesty.  I love how children have very few pretenses.

I love having these conversations with my almost five year old.  I am grateful that God is drawing Mickey close to him.  I am so grateful for these times of pure honesty.. I know all too well that in a few short years that will fade.  Don't get me wrong, I get nervous during these conversations!  My child's spiritual welfare is the most important thing ever and I am shaping that!  That is sometimes a terrifying thought!  But what a privilege, a humbling and true privilege.

I read a devotional the other day that challenged us moms on where we place our emphasis in our children's upbringing.  Its not about our child being educated, polite, well-mannered, smart as a whip, athletic, musical, artistic.... its about our child knowing their worth in bringing glory to God.  Often we lie to ourselves thinking that we can show and teach a child without living it out ourselves.  That is simply not true,  the best way to inspire your child to seek a relationship with his creator is for them to see it lived out in their parents.  If you wonder how to begin a relationship with God, click Here

And here is a video that I really love, by my all time favorite author Francis Chan.  His writings catapult me out of my "all about me thinking" and into a peaceful and solid mindset of serving the Creator!  This video is about 15 minutes, so grab a cup of coffee with some creamer and sit back and drink it in...

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