Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Timbali Purses!

Hi there! It's my turn to take the Timbali Purses to Farmer's Market this week, so my house is FILLED with incredible, artsy, hip purses!!!  Another time, Another Blog Post, I will share with you how a few mamas (now named Missional Mamas) are setting out to make a difference! 

Here is a little info about these purses from the Timbali website:

ABOUT TIMBALI CRAFTS:  The women who create Timbali Crafts are all volunteer cooks at care points for orphans and vulnerable children in the rural Swaziland communities of Engculwini and Nsoko. The 90 women of Timbali Crafts help feed more than 2600 children each day at 14 different care points. The women themselves face many hardships: most are either widowed or abandoned, many are single mothers, or grandmothers raising their orphaned grandchildren. Timbali Crafts was started in 2006 to help reach out to the physical and spiritual needs of these hard-working women and their families who would otherwise have little or none.

So yeah,  these purses are made by volunteers so that they can get food for the children they provide food for.  Swaziland has such a high percentage of AIDS that a horrible amount of children are left parentless and are fending for themselves.  These women are giving everything so that they can feed little mouths and love on these little ones--and more importantly--teaching them about Jesus--the One who "binds up the broken-hearted"

okay, SOOOO... since I have all these cool purses at my house, and SINCE lots of you have said that you would love to see the purses but going to Farmer's Market is not an option for those of us with little munchkins and limited time, I am listing some for sale right here on my BLOG!!  And for those of you local, if you want to peruse the selection--we have the highest inventory we have ever had--you can call me to stop by and take a look!  No pressure if you don't see something you love-- come take a look anyway!  My number is  260.403.3164

Here are a few purses I picked out to "sell" if anyone is interested!  Prices are listed on the photos.  I would LOVE to take pictures of them all for you, but I had to just do few!  I can mail them to anyone in the USA for $3 shipping.  There are small coin purses available as well for $5.  They are so cute, and I purchased a coordinating one for my purse to hold my lip gloss, epi-pen etc.  These purses have been selling like crazy and everywhere I go I get compliments on my purse.  They make great Purposeful gifts... so think about giving them as Christmas presents, birthday presents, diaper bags...etc.  Each purse comes with a card that has a hand-written name of the lady who sewed each original purse.  Each lady's life situation can be found at at Timbalicrafts.org.  These are real ladies making a difference, and we are just helping them out!  Feel free to share this with your Facebook Friends if you think they would be interested!  

Message me or call me if interested(260-403-3164).  There is only one of each bag, so when it is sold, it is sold.  I have these until Thursday morning!  

I will be doing a Timbali Purse Give-Away in the next few weeks on my blog, so keep your ears perked for that!  http://mouseymom.blogspot.com/
very roomy, very hip
coin purses $5
This is the same style I have and I love it!


Katie said...

Fabulous idea, Tricia! Love it!

Mouseymom said...

Both Shoulder Bags, and Burlap Messenger Bags are sold. Got lots more though if you are interested!

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