Monday, August 30, 2010

Life-Long Dream...fulfilled!

According to Mickey, his life-long dream was to win a trophy! He holds his Aunt Penny in high esteem after seeing her trophies that she won at the fair for her goats.  There is something so cute and amusing about a 4yr old discussing his life-long dream.  

Lucky for Mickey--his life-long dream has been fulfilled!!!

As I mentioned in our previous post, our weekend was filled with fun events at our little town's yearly celebration.  One of the events was a children's bike race. Mickey's chain fell off right before the race began.  Luckily Mickey's dad was on hand!  

Here he is speeding along!
Crossing the finish line!

The look on his face was priceless when he was handed his trophy!  

The awards ceremony!

Darling! Love our small town and all of its fun stuff. 

 A few hours after the bike race, Mickey competed in a pedal tractor pull. Even though he was disappointed that he did not get a full pull, or a trophy, he had a great attitude and cheered his opponents on with gusto!  This was a departure from his previous response at a previous pedal tractor pull.  (see here)

 I realized at the end of the day that we had been gushing over his bike race, totally going against what we had been preaching, (its not about the winning, its the attitude) So I took a moment to make it right--and told him that I was more proud of his attitude accomplishment, than him getting a trophy. "Having a good heart that pleases God is more important than winning!" He was a double winner that day and we are so proud of our little guy!

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Nancy said...

Yah! Way to go little guy! I love the super cool trophy....(I do think some of the goat trophies are mine) teehee! Hugs!

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