Friday, August 27, 2010

Everybody Needs a Paci!

Minnie and I were reading the book Tractor Mac Arrives at the Farm  and there is a picture of a sad horse named Sibley.

Minnie kept coming back to that page and would mournfully say, "Sibbey Sad!" It seemed to disturb her.

Finally she had a solution.

She turned back to the "Sad Sibley Page" and said with delight, "Sibbey sad!  Sibbey need Paci!"  Then she pops hers out of her mouth and places the paci on the horses mouth.  "Der Go, Sibbey" (There you go, Sibley)

She was pleased with herself for solving the horse's emotional needs.

We love the Tractor Mac series! (by Billy Steers)   We have a few ourselves, and when we told our local library about them, they ordered  6 of them and they have been hard to get at the library as they are checked out so much!

We have our local town celebration starting tomorrow morning.  We love it.  It is small town living at its BEST!  We will be in the parade tomorrow walking with the local Awanas.  Mickey has been looking forward to the pedal tractor pull in which he has been planning to compete.  I started my coaching today about the fun of participating and not being a sore loser.  We shall see how that all turns out!  He competed at the county fair on a whim and he was angry for days that he did not win that big shiny trophy.  Interestingly enough, he became interested in tractor pulls via the tractor mac books.

For those of you who saw my two previous posts about the Timbali purses and bags... thank you SO much, you helped raise money for the sweet orphans in Swaziland.  In 2.5 days via facebook and this blog, I sold $1008 and all that goes for orphan care!

Stay tuned for a Timbali Bag Give-away!!!!

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