Tuesday, July 13, 2010

The Trouble with Handcuffs

I was over at my mom and dad's house and was lounging in an easy chair as Mickey followed his Papa all over the house.  Papa and Mickey had gone out to the garden to pick some fresh veggies and now they were in the kitchen washing the their loot!

Mickey calls out to me in a hushed giggly voice, "Mommy, come here!  I did something really sneaky and funny!"

"Really, what is it?" I ask-- truly hoping to not have to get out of my chair.

"You have to come see!" he insisted.

So I went out to the kitchen and there was Mickey with his hand over his mouth trying to stifle his giggles and his big brown eyes sparkling with mischievousness.  He did not say a word, he just pointed down at the floor towards papa's feet.

My gaze followed his fingers and my eyes popped open very wide!!!!

There was my poor innocent dad, happily washing his vegetables... unbeknown to him, his tennis shoes had been HAND-CUFFED together by an ornery and stealthy little pirate! 

"Dad," I said carefully and slowly, not to startle him, "um, don't move, your feet are shackled together."

And I snapped a picture. 

I wish that was the end of the story.  

Of course I commanded Mickey to take the handcuffs off, but apparently that did not happen.  

And dad forgot that his feet were locked together.

Five minutes later, from my comfy easy chair, I hear "thump, thump bang..  aaaaughhh, grrr. mumble mumble.. I forgot about those handcuffs!!!!"  

Dad was fine, Mickey was disciplined.  And now I am trying stifle my giggles looking at the picture. 


Margo said...

Ha! Great story. Great timing to have a camera sitting around :)

Mouseymom said...

margo, I happened to be carrying a camera at the time. I had just taken a bunch of pictures of the kids and I was sitting in the chair reviewing them when Solomon called me out to the kitchen. twas very handy!

smw said...

that is so funny. he must have been very stealthy!

Q and H said...

VERY funny...isn't it fun to see your child's sense of humor pop out...even though it was at your dad's expense. Glad your he was okay. :)

T and M said...

this made me smile ( :

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