Sunday, June 20, 2010

What if it were your family?

I am sure most of you have heard a bit about the situation in Kyrgyzstan. I have a missionary friend there that has been sendingng out urgent prayer requests and it is a horrible horrible crisis there. As you read this, try and imagine if this was happeni to you and your family and how you would want the "world" to respond. The letter below is written by a lady named Eunice who is Russian and living in Kyrgyzstan. She is calling for prayer and for us to truly know the depravity and horror of this crisis. I know that it is long, but take time to read the whole letter. Please pass this on so that the persecuted families can be helped.  There is an envelope icon at the end of this post to enable you to send this information on and at the top left of the blog menu you can click on share and it enables you to share it via facebook.  Or of course if you have a blog you can link to mine.  I want to do everything I can do to give the voiceless a voice.  How terrifying it must be for the attacked to have no hope of help! Here is what Eunice writes:

We are in the center of a war in Osh, Kyrgyzstan. It is impossible to imagine the horror. Whole blocks of Uzbek homes have been torched and burned. Women and children are being mercilessly killed. Many bodies and injured people are lying in the streets without anyone to help of the situation here!!

The news is only reporting a small portion of what is actually going on. It is ethnic cleansing
if you can call it that. . Kyrgyz youth under the influence of alcohol and drugs are running wild in the streets killing anyone and burning whatever lies in their paths.

This ethnic tension (between Kyrgyz and Uzbeks) has existed under the surface for many years but recently has been stirred up for political purposes. Because of this, it appears that authorities are doing nothing to stop the conflict and are silent. It seems that the whole situation was planned out in advance and that no one planned to put a stop to it.

One of my relatives went out today at great risk to get groceries for his household. On his way he saw an
old man badly injured who was lying in the street. He wanted to help him and turned him over onto his back. Immediately a group of youngmen ran up and starting kicking the old man fiercely. My relative heard one of these youths say, "He's Kyrgyz" Another said, "No he's Uzbek, let's set him on fire." When my relative returned the old man lay burned to death.

Officially the government has issued an order to shoot to kill anyone with a weapon but in reality no one
is carrying out this order. These horrendous acts are continuing to take place. Police and soldiers are patrolling the streets but doing nothing to stop the violence. Last night bandits broke into an army storage facility where weapons, helicopters, tanks, etc were stored.

We couldn't imagine where these simple people had obtained so many weapons before and now they have even more weapons, plus army equipment! On top of all of this there is a shortage of food as the stores have been vandalized. When our food supply runs out we will go hungry.. The news is reporting that humanitarian aid is getting in but the supply is very limited. Not long ago bread was given out but for some reason they refused to give it to the Russians. We are not concerned about humanitarian aid, we simply want to live!

Some news reports are saying that things are getting more stable but the truth is it is getting worse.
My goal in writing this is to the get word out to the world about what is actually happening here. We are afraid that we will be forgotten and alone in this crisis with no one coming to our aid. Presently they are not coming against us as Russians but we believe it is only a matter of time before they turn on us. People have "tasted blood" with no consequences and will not stop the killing. We are living in a state of fear.
Please send this information out to as many people as possible. This is our urgent plea for help.

Thank you for praying and for mobilizing others to pray!


Now its me, Mouseymom again. Seriously, does that make your stomach sick? it does mine. My gut instinct is to push it to the back of my mind so I don't have the think about it. But what if it were my family? I would be begging begging for help and prayer.
 Lets not stand for this ethnic cleansing.... how can people feel that they have the right to kill another... to treat them as insects? Anytime we pass on any hint of racism, or religious intolerance we are setting up our future generations to do the same thing. Parents, teach love and acceptance to all of humans.
Our God is a POWERFUL God and can change this situation in an instance.  Let's not just tack on an extra prayer as we go to sleep tonight, lets be pro-active!  Pray with your spouse, get some friends together and pray for the Uzbek people that are being killed, tortured and burned.  Pray for the Kyrgs that their hearts can be softened and not give over to evil.  Set your alarm for 30 minutes early and sincerely and earnestly plead with God for intervention. We can make a difference with God's help. 

Lets not be ignorant Americans who turn our eyes away from horrendous crimes done to innocent people and go about our daily affairs!  We are blessed to BE a blessing to others!  Reject Apathy.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for posting this, Tricia. I had no idea of the extent of what's going on. I simply can't imagine her distress. I will be praying...

Marie G said...

Tricia, I just read your blog for the first time. Thank you SO MUCH for your heart of compassion and for getting the word out to pray for this situation!! I love your blog. Hope to see you this summer! Marie

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