Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Seriously, What is Wrong with my Kids???

My previous post was about me questioning the sanity of my beloved, imaginative four year old. Today, both Hubby and I are thinking that some crazy genetic mutation happened to our children as they CERTAINLY do not inherit any sort of weirdness from us.

Look at the above photo.

Can you tell that it appears that our almost two year old Minnie has bosoms?

Perhaps you can see the napkins spilling out the top as PROOF that Minnie has stuffed her shirt.

I can already hear your questions. "Where did Minnie get that?," you wonder suspiciously.

I can assure you of this. It was not from me. Trust me. If I could un-stuff myself as Mickey once did to poor Pooh Bear--I would. (Ever seen a slim Pooh? It was amusing... almost inspirational!)

So anyway, back to our psychologically-disturbed daughter. She found a huge tower of napkins and immediately began to de-tower them. I have learned that toddlers hate and I mean HATE anything with order and will seek to create mass chaos in quick fashion. My kitchen floor was covered in white napkins. Thus begins the moral dilemma--do I put them back in a stack and pretend they are still "clean" or suffer guilt for throwing away so many barely-used napkins and compromising the planet? Oh yes, back to the issue-- I ignore the gigantic mess for a few minutes as I am busily preparing supper.

 THEN I see little miss Dolly Parton scoop up about 12 napkins and quickly stuff them into the top of her shirt.... then toddle around like she is "all that!"

Hubby arrives home and is immediately confused at the sight and of course turns to me for an explanation. I, who usually pretends to have one even when I don't, was mystified myself and thought it very odd.

I have to admit, when the Small Tornado dispersed her food in many directions during supper~the stuffed napkins did come in handy! We whisked them out and cleaned her up! Perhaps Minnie is not so strange-- perhaps she is just resourceful!

Gotta love being a parent.... I think I end most days with a smile as I replay the day's events in my head.... I love those two little mousekins!!!


smw said...

very funny. i think it's hysterical that she walked around 'like all that'. kids...

Kirk and Keri Plattner said...

Cute story! I'm just beginning to learn the humor and joys that little girls can bring!

T and M said...

ha ha! this is too funny. although, like you said, it did come in handy having all those napkins at close reach ( :

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