Tuesday, June 8, 2010

The Prize!

In case you missed my exuberant post about winning a contest, click HERE To hear me gush about the amazing time we had at Honey Creek Resort, read on! 

Mid-May, the Mouseymom family packed up our minivan and drove a mere 2 hours and 20 minutes to claim our prize at a fabulous and amazing resort that was perfect, and I mean PERFECT for our family! 

I was not sure what to expect, but our jaws dropped as we drove in and saw the beautiful Resort Lodge.  For some reason I was expecting rustic and woodsy, which would have been fine.  However I was pleasantly surprised to find the ambience warm yet classy with mostly Mission style furnishings.

After checking in, we went right to our two bedroom cottage.  Here is a peek:
the kitchen--which is key for us--as travelling with  food allergies is quite tricky.  It is ABSOLUTELY necessary that we have the ability to prepare Mickey's food.  Most families can just pick up,leave, and eat on the go--the joy of vacation.   Families with food allergies (depending on which foods need to be avoided)  do not get the luxury of spontaneous eating while travelling.  I write this not as a complaint--but just to explain a bit why a kitchen is so vital to us. 

This is the very reason that led me to to enter this contest!  When I looked up Honeycreek Resort, I saw this as a place that could  be vacation destination for our family's needs.  I was not disappointed.  We loved it here...

okay, more of the tour

Mickey and Minnie had their own room with bunk beds.  They were so excited!  Pack and Play's are also available for rental. 
Right after supper we visited the Indoor Water Park. 

We had a BLAST!  We were at the waterpark a total of 3 times over the weekend.  It was a huge highlight!

The next morning we got up and rented bikes and a bike trailer and glided through God's glorious nature!
Okay, I am totally kidding.  We did not exactly "glide". 
 Here is the story.  We rented the bikes, we have our helmets on, we are all set to go and I (a rare instance where I was actually the wise one) say, " Hey, Hubby, we don't have a trail map!  Let me go get one"

Hubby says scornfully,"  We DON'T need a MAP!  Look there is a trail right there."

And off we go.

Lets just say we should have stayed on the nicely paved sidewalks. 

And not ventured into the wilderness.

I was fine.. since it was just me and my bike (which had the most amazingly comfortable bike seat I have ever experienced)

Hubby-on the other hand- was lugging behind him about 80 additional pounds which did not come in so handy on steep muddy hills.  

He thought he was going to die.

I thought he was going to die.

That would have not been a nice vacation experience

Hubby now thinks that map would have been a good plan.

We went back to the cabin to relax.

Then it was S'more time! 

Now we don't do your normal run-of-the-mill S'mores.  Well, you see, Hershey Bars have milk in them!  So I take milk-free chocolate chips (Sunspire Brand)(apparently leaving milk out of chocolate chips is VERY expensive) and melt them at 50% power in the microwave until melted stirring every 40 seconds. Then I spoon out globs onto a cookie sheet covered with wax paper. I try to make them about the size of a graham cracker square.  Then I freeze them until they harden and then store them in sealed container.  These make the most deluxe S'mores you have ever tasted.  

Take a look at my boy lovin' his milk-free S'mores.  It's totally worth the money and extra effort! 

Minnie was taking her S'mores very seriously as well!

After the S'mores we ventured out to the brand new playground at the Resort. 
I was on a sugar high, clearly.

On our way back to our cabin we saw this beautiful sight...

It looked so magical and our kids were so enthralled .....
So we got to experience a little magic of our own! 

Our Horse and Carriage ride ended at the Main Lodge and we decided to stroll down to see Lake Rathbun which is just outside the Lodge's back door. 
A beautiful setting for a wedding!
The best part of this amazing prize that we won was the slow-paced, relaxing, quality family time that we shared together.  Our hearts basked in thankfulness for a time of refreshment.  Memories were made and Mickey is already asking to go back.  Thank you Honey Creek Resort for choosing our family to win the Family Photo Contest!  We had an AMAZING time and cannot wait to come back! 

A few things worth mentioning:

1.  Sportboats, runabouts, pontoon boats, personal watercraft, fishing boats, kayaks and canoes are some of the items available for rental  at Honey Creek Resort.

2.  A beautiful on-site golf course

3.  The onsite restaurant Lakeshore Grille is MAGNIFICENT!!!  Hubby and I ordered a few menu items that we snuck back to our cabin to eat when not around the kids.  I am still savoring the Bananas Foster French Toast--indescribable.  We also had Pesto Crusted Walley, Andouille and Mushroom Pizza--seriously the best pizza that I can remember.  And a pasta dish that is described from the menu like this:  Sautéed portobello, oyster and shiitake mushrooms, tossed in a rich Italian four cheese sauce, with elbow macaroni, proscuitto and sundried tomatoes.   Wow, it was soooo good!  Hubby and I can't wait to go back for a romantic get-away and eat every hour at Lakeshore Grille!  Oh yeah, and the desserts we tried were awesome as well! 

4. The staff was wonderful!  So welcoming and helpful!

The Midwest is seriously so blessed to have this new beautiful resort at our finger tips.  I love that nature is the main attraction--the Lake, the walking and biking trails, the fire rings.  But since it is not perfect weather year round, Honeycreek offers family fun time for any time of the year. 

 I obviously cannot mention all of Honeycreek's ameneties and activites as this blog post is keeping me up way too late, not to mention the the carpal tunnel setting in from all this typing-- but I did want to highlight our family's experience. 

Check out Honey Creek Resort's website and look them up on Facebook!


Megan said...

Can't wait to go there! Looks awesome.

T and M said...

that looks so fun! i loved the part about eating every hour ( : that sounds like a true vacation to me!

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