Friday, March 26, 2010

La La la lala!!!

That "La la la lala" is me cheerfully singing!!!

And doing a happy dance!!


Cuz I WON!

yes I won.... which is a big deal because the only thing I have ever won in my life is a little door prize at MOPS.  (not that I am ungrateful for that nice prize-- I am just not the type to be lucky in prizes and all)

So what did I win?

check this link out by pressing HERE and then scroll down the linked page a bit! 

Honey Creek Resort was having a Family Photo contest and Essay Contest for a two night Family Getaway, Pizza Party and other free amenities on site.  (Indoor waterpark and such)

I have to thank  blogger Amy F. for writing about her trip to this resort in her blog post: Simple. Messy. Fun.  As after I read her post, I was inspired to look into a mini-vacation there as it is just a few hours from our house.  Of course I saw the Family Photo and Essay Contest and had to enter!  If you clicked on the first link you will have seen that the photo that I entered is the same photo that perches on top of my blog--without the fake blog names written in of course!  Its just a fun photo taken by my parents on a spontaneous hike after church one beautiful Autumn day. 

So back to my happy celebratory song and dance...  La lalala-- sure wish I could write music notes, the La la's would seem a whole lot more melodic. Anyone out there know how to do it? 

I have lots of blog posts stored up in my mind and I am thinking that after Easter I won't be as inundated with Frills and Flowers orders so I will be a wee bit more faithful with blogging. 

Happy Friday everyone! 


Megan said...

Wow! That's awesome. That place looks very nice, so excited its so close to us. Have a great time!

smw said...

that's awesome!!

T and M said...

wow, what a great prize!

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