Sunday, March 28, 2010

I Should NOT laugh at my Husband's Miss-step!

At least that is what the Hubby he hears me still giggling in the other room.

"I hear you still laughing in there, you wicked wife!"

I purse my lips together to contain my twittering..(not the social network) but to no avail.

Its been a tiring weekend. A good one, just exhausting! Nick was away Thurs-Sun in Colorado skiing with my dad and my two brother-in-laws. Now I do NOT begrudge him this one teensy bit. I was so excited that he was able to do something so magnificently fun! Hubby is always so supportive of letting me steal away for fun things, so I was happy to have him go.

HOWEVER!!!!... you knew there was a disclaimer coming after all the sappy stuff, didn't you?

However, the weekend ended up very busy as a last-minute family wedding was planned and Mickey was the amazingly adorable ring-bearer. (although he expressed his bitterness to Hubby tonight that he was not allowed to carry the ring :)

vroooooooooooooooooooooooooom. Fast Forward to Sunday eve, Hubby gets home, all enjoying a nice family dinner, baby is clearly not interested in eating so we let Minnie out of her highchair....she comes running back saying "PEE PEE PEE!". (she is self potty training), Nick gets out of his chair to assist.. not a big deal...

until I hear this:


I zoom to the bathroom to see this:

Don't let the Hubby's smile fool you. I assure you it was not genuine.

Somehow (the details are still fuzzy or shall we say smeary) the bathroom floor was decorated by Minnie's excretion. the solid kind. which Hubby did not see until he squarely planted his shoe in. If you look close you can see it is deeply, and I mean DEEEEEEEEEEEEEEPLY embedded into the soles of his shoes. And it smelled. bad. Bad enough that it made my eyes water.

Welcome Home Honey!!

Glad you had a great time with your adult conversations (like with other adults--not as in r-rated;)

Glad you had a fabulous time in God's creation

Glad you got to improve on your skiing skills!

Glad you got to feast on wonderful restaurant meals and not do any dishes!

Welcome home, aren't you glad to be back!!!!?

And the great thing about my Hubby?

He is.

Poop and all! He loves us and missed us like crazy.

Okay so I told you that it was a tiring weekend with the rehearsal, pictures, wedding and reception... oh and we couldn't miss the Easter Egg hunt, that I was exhausted and my parenting was a bit... um.. lackluster.

Mickey reported this to Hubby at supper:

Dad, we got to watch soooo many movies while you were gone. I mean A LOT! In fact, I watched so many movies that my NECK hurts (dramatically rubs his neck).

Hubby looks at me, smiles with one eyebrow raised.."nice work, hon!" I scowled.

Mickey totally sold me out!!! Harrumph

I mean he could have phrased it a little differently like.." Hey dad, mom got us really educational videos at the library and I have sure learned a lot about Volcanoes, Dolphins and Cougars. And Minnie and I were very inspired by the DVD entitled Exploring the Wonders of Creation, Conscience, and the Glory of God.

no... just that his scrawny little neck was all kinked up from all his movie viewing..

oh by the way, here is a video and a few pictures!


Amber said...

LOVE it - thanks for the smiles this morning. : )

Margo said...

I love how Solomon "told on you" about all the movies :)

And the poop story - gross! I guess it's just another part of parenting :)

Justin & Sarah said...

Hilarious!!! That is too funny!! I can relate to the videos - Justin was gone Thursday through Sunday for a board review class in Ohio, and I was sick with a major sinus infection. We watched more tv than ever before I am ashamed to say... :)

Rochelle said...

nothing like poo to pull you closer together. that is a great story!

T and M said...

Solomon's movie comment makes me smile. I'll admit I've been wishing lately that Tait was remotely interested in movies ( :

Janelle said...

There are times in life when children watching much TV is necessary for the parent. It happens to the best of us!

Trisha said...

Love the pictures! Sounds like your life is never dull! But it never is when you have kids! Not looking forward to the potty training days yet! How fun!

Anonymous said...

How we can relate! :) Love it -Thanks for sharing!

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