Wednesday, March 3, 2010

And we have a WINNER!!!

Photo courtesy of Amy Tobias Photography (join her Facebook Fan Page by clicking here)

Actually not just ONE winner, but THREE WINNERS!  After all the number 3 has always been my favorite number, you know, being born on the third day of the third month and all!  And Mickey was having so much fun drawing the names, who can just stop at one?

The winners are:
1. Amanda Milks
2. Joy Huber
3. Amanda Werling

I do a drawing the old-fashioned way.  I wrote down all the names, double checked them, cut them out and put them in a bowl, then had my son draw the names.  I know that there are those "new-fangled" bloggers ;) who have some high tech way of doing a give-away.

 I honestly got a wrist-ache from writing and cutting!  I had 84 entries! Wow!  Of course several were in there several times with the many options for entering... facebook, blog post ( which worked for Amanda and Joy- both had their names entered 5 times for doing a blog post, actually 6 for Amanda as she commented on the Facebook Group--talk about stuffing the ballot!!!! ;)

So ladies, Thank you all sooo much for being part of my Give-Away! I promise there will be more! Thanks to all of you who are helping me spread the word! I am very grateful as I really love doing this!

Thank you all for the Happy Birthday wishes.  Having a wonderful day with my children, and the SUN IS  SHINING! Is that a birthday present from the Creator or what?  This afternoon I have a playdate with the Danish ladies (relocated to our tiny mid-western town for a year--so fun having them as neighbors and friends).  Then tonight, hmm, probably keep working on our floor project. 

Mickey has already given me about a dozen presents.  He bounced out of bed this morning and said, "It's your BIRTHDAY, mommy!  I have to get busy and create something GRAND for you!"  I have been given dinosaurs, tractors, small plastic farm animals and a paper sword.. just to name a few.  How lucky am I????   Pretty lucky, I think! 


Brin said...

Happy Birthday Tricia!

Janelle said...

As for reasons why you like the #3, don't forget you are the 3rd child! :)

My kids always give me multiple gifts on my birthday, too. I think birthdays mean so much more to them than they do to us. It always makes me wonder if how they're treating me on my birthday is how they want to be treated on their birthday...with many gifts throughout the day. If so, they must be awfully disappointed on their special day :)

Joy said...

Awesome!! Thank you so much!! I just screamed when I saw my name:) So nice of you to give away 3 free headbands. My email address is joyshuber@gmail if you need it for anything.

Jamie Kaufmann said...

happy late birthday! the headbands are beautiful.

Anonymous said...

Hi Tricia!

Could I order the Raspberry sherbert swirl headband and the Gorgeous Flower Nylon Headband (one of each)..I didn't order them on the website, thinking if I get them from you at church I'd save on shipping.

so...facebook me if that'll work!
Jenna V

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