Monday, January 25, 2010

Oh to be so talented!

I live in a little town in the Midwest and so it's exciting to find a local artist with such talent.  Here is a sample of Jess Johnson's Fine Art Photography. 

She has incredible abilities and each of her photographs are amazingly unique and a true work of art.

Her website is:

This picture especially moves me. 

The first thing that came to my heart when I saw this picture was the five years that I was an client advocate at a Crisis Pregnany Center and I came face to face with many women dying inside wanting to be set free from the emotional pain of their abortion.  My heart would tear in two as I listened to their stories of their nightmares, their inability to forgive themselves, the little calendar they kept in their heads..knowing exactly how old their baby would have been and never ever forgetting what would have been their baby's birthday.

I also came face to face with the women who dedicated their lives to helping these women.  Women that they themselves had experienced the pain of abortion, found the love and forgiveness of Jesus Christ and finally

Of course I have no idea if that is what this picture is "supposed" to represent....its just the feeling it evokes deep in my soul--I guess that is why I am drawn to it.  I love it when art moves me, or stirs up a sense or emotion.

I love taking pictures of my children, but so often I am disappointed when my little point and shoot camera does not capture what I want it to! 

Of course its the camera's fault! 

I would never be a blame-shifter ;)

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